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Alert: Site Navigation Update Scheduled for Monday April 10th

On Monday, April 10th, ASMP will be revising website navigation to provide a more streamlined access to content and a more user-friendly experience.

Below please find a brief summary of the initial changes that will occur with the top two tiers of navigation as we begin to revise site content.

RESOURCES NOTE: All current Legal content and advisements related to releases and other legal paperwork, along with 2016/17 ASMP Webinar video content is ONLY accessible upon member login. While not all content will be behind member login, ASMP will be maintaining specific business and professional development content FOR MEMBER ONLY access going forward.

Two new additions to the main navigation bar will include:

ABOUT  which will reference content related to Mission, Staff, National Board Members, History of ASMP, Privacy, and Contact Us.

ADVOCACY which will reference content on copyright reform initiatives and advocacy campaign directives ASMP and its affiliates, Copyright Alliance, Center for Protection of Intellectual Property (CPIP), Authors Coalition Association, related to legislation and implementation of regulations related to copyright by federal and state legislative bodies can be accessed.

Additional navigation revisions include:

RESOURCES which going forward will now include only the legal, professional development, and webinar pages, will be removed from the main navigation bar and be moved under FOR MEMBERS on main navigation bar

FIND AN ASSISTANT which currently resides under FOR MEMBERS will be relocated under FIND A PHOTOGRAPHER on main navigation bar

EDIT FIND A PHOTOGRAPHER which currently resides under FOR MEMBERS will also be relocated under FIND A PHOTOGRAPHER on main navigation bar

For additional assistance with content location, please use the website’s search tool.


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