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A USDA Photographer’s Flickr Pictures are One of the Internet’s Best-Kept Secrets

Screenshot of article posted at The New Food EconomyCross-posted from The New Food Economy.  [by Jessica Fu]  Explaining how valuable Lance Cheung’s images are to the publication New Food Economy, Jessica Fu writes “That’s why, time and time again, we’ve turned to Cheung’s works, which are part of the public domain. Our coverage of President Trump’s proposed Harvest Box program, a Colorado country-of-origin-labeling bill, the difficulty of farm transfers, the growing issue of school lunch debt are just a few instances where his pictures helped bring alive the subject of our reporting.

“The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Flickr account is one of the unsung wonders of the Internet. Created in 2009, it contains, at the time of this writing, 53,515 original photographs that go well beyond the pictures you’d expect: rolling corn fields, newly plowed farmland, and Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue. Dig around and you’ll find both unexpected gems, from portraits of the puppies who are trained to detect illicit imports to shots of this year’s cherry blossoms blooming in the nation’s capital, and sobering reminders of the reality of agriculture—like the invasive beetles that threaten forest health or the aftermath of natural disasters. There are people, too, thousands of them, fleeting snapshots of the individuals who devote their lives to the project of a nation’s food.”

A USDA photographer’s Flickr pictures are one of the internet’s best-kept secrets


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