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A Thanksgiving Community

By November 25, 2020Strictly Business Blog

Beginning the holiday season with a day dedicated to gratitude and family has always felt appropriate. But for many of us, this Thanksgiving is bittersweet. Between the pandemic and our rancorous politics, hope and gratitude can sometimes be difficult to find. In this challenging year, we think it is especially important to recognize the people who’ve helped us.

ASMP’s beloved executive director, Tom Kennedy, who gave this organization a vision and helped image-makers look beyond their lenses into the community, has moved on. Though we will always thank him for the firm footing he placed ASMP on, we have found new leadership with Jim Datri, whose commitment to helping our members’ businesses prosper will supply a direction that bodes well for all of us.

We also want to thank all of the ASMP presenters, volunteers and board members, both locally and nationally, who helped our members and our community see its way through this challenging year.

In its own way, ASMP represents that same coming together that makes Thanksgiving such a special holiday. Faced with widespread unemployment and a deep recession, ASMP brought image professionals from across the country into virtual town halls, guided us through government bureaucracy and helped us learn how to work safely in this new normal.

It is in this coming together that there is hope. Let us in this celebration remember to be grateful for what we do have: vaccines that promise an end to this pandemic and a turnaround for our industry, and most of all, our friends, family and colleagues who are there for us.

“Happy Thanksgiving! May your blessings outnumber the autumn leaves.”

ASMP National Board and Staff



Featured Image: Justin Galloway

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