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7 Ways to Guarantee You Improve as a Photographer in 2021

By January 8, 2021Strictly Business Blog

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[by Robert K. Baggs]

The good news is 2020 is over. The bad news is that 2020’s woes appear to be coming with us into 2021. So, if you want to improve in photography, it’s going to take more effort and focus than usual.

My 2020 started brilliantly and then nosedived faster than the 2008 housing market. I went from traveling and shooting for magazines to 12 weeks of solitary confinement in my house with a worrying amount of day-drinking. When lockdown first began, I made a point of taking my camera on walks for my daily exercise allowance. I’d also practice macro photography in my garden, take portraits of my cat, and consider self-portraits. The self-portraits didn’t materialize, but I considered them.

Roll forward six months and I’m down to only shooting for clients (on jobs that could be performed in my studio or socially distanced, so markedly fewer, of course) and am deeply uninspired. My craft stagnated by my usually high standards of progression, and while understandable and probably acceptable, that mindset cannot follow me into 2021. I know many photographers and videographers have suffered similar fates — it’s been hard not to — so it’s time to make plans for war.

There’s a strand that runs through all these tips that I will highlight at the end.

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