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4 Reasons Why Artists Should Form LLCs 

Screenshot of blog post from MaddreyPLLCCross-posted from ASMP counsel Thomas Maddrey’s Blog.  [by Victoria Gonzales]  “According to the Creative Career Center, visual artists are more than three times as likely than the general U.S. workforce to be entrepreneurs.

This means that working as a self-employed artist means much more than just creating your art. If you are selling your art and looking to be taken seriously in the art world, it is probably a good idea to look into forming an LLC. Generally, an LLC is a Limited Liability Company and is a good way to ensure you are doing business legally and protecting yourself from liability.

The following is a list of reasons why visual artists should look into forming a business if they are looking to make money selling art.”

4 Reasons Why Artists Should Form LLCs 

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