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2012: Identifying New Markets for Your Photography

By January 12, 2016Strictly Business Blog

We launched the Business as unUsual series with the fabulous Mary Virginia Swanson, whose program focused on editing your work to show your unique vision, presenting your work in print and electronic portfolios, marketing your work to different audiences and identifying new markets for your photography. Packed with visual examples, this program will help you grow your business by developing and presenting a cohesive vision to a broad range of markets.

Though recorded in 2012, the advice shared in this program is every bit as relevant today such as:

  • “Your responsibilities on assignment are much broader and your skillset needs to be as well.” (~20:50)
  • “Think about specialty magazines and people who would be interested in your subject…Who’s responsible for this?  Who are the photo editing and art direction team?  How to get your personal projects in front of magazines that would be interested as well, is not to be forgotten.” (~22.20)
  • “Keep an eye on tried and true markets. Use of photography in their branding is changing as consumer demographics are changing…It’s essential that you have almost a periscope on, that you’re watching, brands that we’ve known for years and years that are starting to visually change because their buying demographics, their consumer demographics, are changing.” (~29:50)
  • “In terms of what you’re sending to people, I can’t encourage you more not to rely on e-mail. We’re all getting far too many emails…If your subject line isn’t relevant, it just may not be opened at all…the amount of mail that literally comes in my mailbox now is miniscule compared to what it used to be. And, I find that the work that does come in the mail, I’m looking at longer…whereas if I were sitting down and clicking through, you know, a hundred emails at noon, it’s a little bit crazy.”  (~33:50)

In the second half, Mary Virginia goes through several case studies of photographers who are successfully bridging fine art, editorial and commercial markets by developing and marketing cohesive bodies of work.

Click here to watch the recording or here for a complete listing of all 30 recorded programs.

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