Meet the Board: Brenda Pederson

©️ Brenda Pederson

This year ASMP Seattle Northwest will be holding elections to fill our board. Over the last few years (thank you, COVID) board membership has dwindled. The goal is to fill all positions this year. We’ll have more information on elections and positions in a future post. In this post, we’d like to tell you about one of the scrappy members who’ve been holding down the fort the last few years.


Brenda Pederson – Seattle, Washington

Brenda joined ASMP in 2023 and began volunteering about six months later.  She is a travel photographer, capturing a broad range of subjects.  Environmental portraits of people living or working in their everyday lives is her favorite discipline.

She joined ASMP for the inspiration of being around other photographers and for the camaraderie and social aspects of interacting with people with common interests.  Brenda’s still learning about all the resources ASMP offers but plans to take advantage of those, too.

In addition to photography she enjoys learning about new cultures, volunteering at Northwest Harvest SoDo Market, and is interested in food, wine, entertaining, gardening, the outdoors, the arts… variety is the spice of life!

Brenda’s Website and Instagram.

Photo of Brenda ©️ Brenda Pederson