Meet the Board: Kelly Gorham

©️ Kelly Gorham

This year ASMP Seattle Northwest will be holding elections to fill our board. Over the last few years (thank you, COVID) board membership has dwindled. The goal is to fill all positions this year. We’ll have more information on elections and positions in a future post. In this post, we’d like to tell you about one of the scrappy members who’ve been holding down the fort the last few years.

Kelly Gorham – Bozeman, Montana

Kelly joined ASMP in 1993.  Although he has not held an official role for the chapter he calls himself an ASMP NW Superfan and has been instrumental in providing input, feedback, and guidance to the group by representing the far reaches of the chapter.

He specializes in journalism and documentary filmmaking.

For Kelly, the primary benefits of being part of ASMP are the camaraderie and inspiration he gets from the group.

Kelly’s website and Instagram

Photo of Kelly ©️ Montana PBS