Meet the Board: Dean Wenick

©️ Dean Wenick

This year ASMP Seattle Northwest will be holding elections to fill our board. Over the last few years (thank you, COVID) board membership has dwindled. The goal is to fill all positions this year. We’ll have more information on elections and positions in a future post. In this post, we’d like to tell you about one of the scrappy members who’ve been holding down the fort the last few years.


Dean Wenick – Seattle, Washington

Dean has been a member of ASMP since 1996 and has held office since 2018.  He’s served as Co-President, Board Member and Volunteer.

He is a generalist in his photography practice.  For a recent project, metaMasks, he took advantage of pandemic life and documented over 4000 masks found lying on the ground. From the individual images he created mosaics.  Check out his project on his website, linked below.

Dean finds value in his ASMP membership with its advocacy campaigns, business education, legal and copyright support

Outside of photography, Dean is a part-time square dance caller, full time dog wrangler and has recently taken up magnet fishing for treasure in Seattle’s Lake Union and Ship Canal.

Dean’s Website

Photo of Dean ©️ Berman Photos