2020 Member Slideshow Submission Guidelines

All ASMP members in good standing can submit to the show.  By submitting images to the slideshow you agree to give ASMP Seattle the right to display the slideshow for the remainder of 2020 in members-only areas of the website or at ASMP events. If you do not wish to grant this right, please do not submit images to the slideshow.
    • Each member can submit 5 slides plus a title slide
    • Send images in a .zip file to slideshow@burkeac.com
    • No later than 6pm on Sunday, 2/23. (Anything later we will try to accommodate but no guarantees so get them in on time)
    • Reserve your ticket here

Slideshow Submission FAQ:

1.  What is the submission deadline?
All content has to be submitted no later than 6pm on Sunday, 2/23.  If you have not submitted your content by this deadline, it may not be shown in the slideshow. The reason we’re asking for all submissions to be complete prior to the event is that with more than 100 submissions in past years, it will take time to assemble all the content into a presentable format.
2. Will I get a confirmation for my submission?
We’re not sending out individual confirmations unless specifically requested.
3. How many slides can I submit?
Everyone participating in the stills show can submit 5 slides plus a title slide.
4. What are the specifications for the slides?
For best results, submit your slides 1920px horizontal by 1080px vertical, in the sRGB color space. The files have to be JPG format; dpi settings are not critical, if in question use 72dpi.

Each file has to be named <lastname>_<firstinitial>_<sequence>.jpg (e.g. austin_w_01.jpg).

All files should be put into a .zip archive named <lastname>_<firstinitial>.zip and emailed to slideshow@burkeac.com with a subject line set to “ASMP Slideshow”.
Use the TITLE metadata field for your name, how you want it to appear below each slide. In Lightroom use the TITLE field. In Photoshop go to DESCRIPTION > Document Title (found under File > File Info.) .
5.  Can I have multiple images on one slide?
Yes, but it’s not recommended. Remember to keep it simple – it’s more effective. This is not a portfolio review, but a chance to show your best work.
6. Should I put watermarks or my name on each slide?
No, that’s what the title slide (or the title in the demo reel) is for.  We encourage you to put that information in the meta data (IPTC) for completeness sake, and to make sure we can attribute every image properly in case the filename gets changed accidentally.  It is recommended that you include your contact info (e-mail, phone #, and website URL) on the title slide as well.  Particularly since we may show the content on other occasions throughout the year, and folks may want to follow-up with you on your work.  It is your responsibility to create a title slide.  If you forget about it, no one will know that you shot those wonderful images.
Send an e-mail to slideshow@burkeac.com and we will do our best to answer them or clarify the guidelines.
Thank you for following all of the specific instructions. Your attention to detail will save us a lot of time!