Our Sponsors

These companies continue to support ASMP photographers and deserve your business. Please check with them first when you’re searching for something.

South Carolina Film Commission

The SC Film Commission supports the film industry and new initiatives across the state. They are an integral part of our annual SC Film & Photography conference and a valuable creative resource. Check them out and get involved.


SONY is leading the industry in developing new photography technologies and building a professional following. As a major sponsor of ASMP/SC they continue to foster business in the state.


Canon continues to dominate the marketplace with a long history of powerful cameras for video and stills. The group of unparalleled Explorers of Light photographers haveĀ  lead the industry and brought great inspiration to SC photographers.

Spartan Photo Center

Mike and his team outside of Greenville run the best camera store left in the region. As a long-time supporter of ASMP/SC he’s proven to be true ally to professional photographers and deserves your business. Anytime you need cameras, support, lighting, please be sure to check with Spartan Photo first and support local SC businesses like Mike’s.

Film Toaster

Cecil Williams has numerous credits to his name including his recent invention of the Film Toaster, an innovative way to convert film into high resolution digital files. Cecil has presented at both SC Film & Photo Conferences and continues to support ASMP/SC. Learn more about Cecil’s work, accomplishments in photography and his Film Toaster at the link below.

SC Drone Academy

Not doubt about it, drone photography and videography is a big business and getting bigger. It’s also getting more important to have proper licensing and instruction to ensure you, your business and others are protected. SC Drone Academy is a top-notch outfit committed to helping businesses and independent pilots get the training they need.

Agency Access

Produce great work and make sure the right people see it. Not as easily done as said. Which is why Agency Access has made a business out of connecting talented creatives with the clients they want to work with. And their talented staff goes beyond building and maintaining client lists. Look to Agency Access when you need portfolio help, campaign development and effective marketing consultation.