ASMP Member Legal Questions

All members can submit legal questions or schedule a free 15 minute appointment to discuss legal matters with Tom Maddrey.

As a benefit to all current ASMP members, ASMP General Counsel Thomas Maddrey has two new ways to get the information and resources you need to learn about basic legal principles. YOU MUST BE A CURRENT ASMP MEMBER TO RECEIVE A RESPONSE TO YOUR QUESTIONS.

First, you can fill out the form below and Thomas or one of ASMP’s team of volunteer attorneys will get back to you with educational resources to help develop your business and legal knowledge.

Second, each week on Tuesday morning from 11am – 1pm ET, Thomas or his team will be available for 15-minute video conferences for the Members-Only Legal Clinic.

VERY IMPORTANT: The American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) is not a law firm, and while Thomas Maddrey is a licensed attorney, all communication is general in nature, offered for educational and non-specific purposes, and ASMP STRONGLYencourages you to seek the assistance of an attorney who can assist you with your specific situation. Speaking to ASMP DOES NOTcreate an attorney-client relationship between you and ASMP or any individual, and ASMP and Thomas Maddrey specifically disclaim any liability that may result from the general, educational information that it or he may provide.