2019 Chapter Board Election Update

Dear Members,

It’s election time at the San Diego Chapter!

If you’d like to join the board, this is your moment. Any member at any level can run.

You also don’t have to be physically present at every meeting or event to participate on a board; even the National Board meets virtually and by phone on a regular basis, and chapter boards do the same.

So, support your fellow photogs and gear-heads as a board member by offering to update website content, send emails, help plan and hang out at programs, events, meetings, and parties. You can even help set up chairs!

What could be more fun than that?

We’re always looking for ideas and help. Interact with other photographers, vendors, schools, students, assistants, labs, all kinds of folks.

Meet people you might otherwise never meet and learn things you might otherwise never learn. No less, we need your expertise and ideas in all things San Diego – programming, communications, networking – and so do your peers.

The revised election schedule will be as follows:

You can announce you are running any time from March 2nd thru March 15th by sending an email to declaration@asmp.org. Please include “San Diego Chapter Board Candidate Declaration” in the subject line.

Once all candidate declarations have been received, candidates will be sent an email with next steps about the election process that will include details about what should be included in candidate statement and bio if an election is required.

An election would only be required if there were more candidates than available board seats. However, many chapter boards are choosing to increase the number of chapter board seats to provide for a better distribution of administrative responsibilities among many board members rather than a few; with current chapter board seat configurations ranging from three to twenty-two board members across the organization.

Board members will be seated during the next scheduled board meeting once the election process is completed.

Any questions, please submit to National staff at declaration@asmp.org.