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Product/Service Description

Piqsure is a new online imaging technology. It enables photographers to display high resolution versions of their images securely on any modern web browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari).The Piqsure technology requires no plugins or apps and is compatible with mobile device touch-based technology.  Providing users the ability to quickly and easily see, magnify, interact and explore high-res images in greater detail. Now you don’t have to throw away pixels to make your images displayable on the web.

The Piqsure technology was built on the premise of keeping images secure. Images are protected from theft in five different ways.

1. Images can’t be saved

2. A persistent watermark can be assigned to display in your images at all times.

3. Piqsure displays images in a viewer window. Your profile and contact information is always associated with the image.This eliminates a form of theft which is stripping an image of the metadata which is integral to viewing and using the image.

4. Piqsure supports IPTC standard metadata so licensing information is always associated with image display and viewing.

5. The hi-res imaging file is never downloaded to the viewers device

The Piqsure technology is also compatible with popular social media networks. Giving photographers the ability to social share your high-res images within inline posts. Allowing users to experience and share high-res images securely with colleagues, friends and family.

Piqsure key features are

* High-Resolution Imaging Viewer

* Images Protected from Theft

* Designed for Mobile Devices

* No plug-ins or Apps Required

* Persistent Watermark Functionality

* Content Creator Profile Display

* IPTC Standard Metadata Functionality

* Integrated Social Media Sharing

Member Benefit

ASMP-provided subscription for Piqsure Business Account

How to Acquire Benefit

Details for member registration for Piqsure business account will be provided at a future date prior to benefit activation in early 2017.

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