Category: Photo Equipment & Services

Product/Service Description

Greentoe is a “name your own price” online marketplace. All you do is specify the price you are willing to pay for the product you want to buy. Then Greentoe will automatically check with its network of certified retailers to see who is willing to meet that price. The first retailer to agree to your price gets the sale.

How can that be? Retailers are constantly cycling through inventory they need to sell. They’re just waiting for a buyer to make the right offer. The more reasonable your offer is, the more retailers will jump. But make any offer you want and see what happens. It can’t hurt.

Curious? View this “how it works” video.

New: Greentoe now can help you buy pro lighting equipment!

Member Benefit

ASMP members can get 2% cash back on FIRST purchase upon setting up new account — in addition to whatever you save by making below-retail offers.

How to Acquire Benefit

Visit to set up your account.