Copyright Office

August 21, 2009 — ASMP has filed comments in connection with two proposed regulation changes by the Copyright Office.

Re: Electronic Registration for Deposit Account Holders

ASMP “supports and encourages all Copyright Office attempts to improve the speed, efficiency and economy of the registration system” and therefore supports limiting the use of the deposit account system to pay for registration applications submitted in electronic form. Alternatively, ASMP would have no objection to doing away with the deposit account system entirely, as long as on-line registrations could be paid for easily and conveniently by debit/credit card or some similar on-line method.

Full text of ASMP’s submission.

Re: Mandatory Deposit of Published Electronic Works Available Only On-line

Concerning the proposed amendments relating to the mandatory deposit requirements for digital works published only on-line, “ASMP applauds even a limited exemption (from the mandatory deposit copy requirement)” and encourages the Copyright Office to explore the possibility of expanding the exemption.

Full text of ASMP’s submission.