For Members

Photo courtesy ASMP member Andy Batt


The PLUS Coalition is comprised of participants from more than thirty countries, spanning all communities involved in creating, distributing, using and preserving images. The Coalition has developed and completed the PLUS standards which were recently adopted by three major book publishers. The publishers, McGraw-Hill, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and Pearson, have announced that they will use the PLUS picture licensing glossary definitions in their contracts, and expect image suppliers to begin embedding PLUS license metadata in all images within the next year. The PLUS standards allow rights and attribution information to travel within image files in a machine-readable format that provides instant access and universal understanding.

ASMP is active in the Picture Licensing Universal System Coalition. In 2008, ASMP made a contribution of $85,000 to the PLUS Coalition. This contribution would fund PLUS’s ongoing, mission-critical work as the international standards body for the communication of image rights, and it was made possible by a 2007 distribution of funds received by ASMP from the Author’s Coalition of America, the organization which distributes monies collected for non-title-specific works copied primarily in Scandinavia and Europe.