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ASMP — American Society of Media Photographers

Copyright Alliance

The Copyright Alliance represents artists, creators, and innovators across the spectrum of copyright disciplines, including membership organizations, associations, unions, companies and guilds, representing artists, creators and innovators, and thousands of individuals.

Member organizations include:

ASCAP, ASMP, BMI, Motion Picture Association of America, NBCUniversal, TimeWarner, Viacom, 21st Century Fox, American Photographic Artists, CBS, Directors Guild of America, Getty Images, Graphic Artists Guild, National Press Photographers Association, NBA, Newspaper Association of American, Professional Photographers of America, SAG-AFTRA, Sony Pictures, The Association of Magazine Media and Disney.

For more information about the Copyright Alliance and its work on behalf of creators, go to

Copyright Academy Webinars Available Now

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The Copyright Academy is an educational webinar series available only to Copyright Alliance Creator Members. ASMP is a member organization of the Copyright Alliance, with ASMP General Counsel Thomas Maddrey currently seated to the Copyright Alliance Board of Directors, representing ASMP and all small creators. You can access the Copyright Academy webinars by logging in to your account, or by creating a FREE account and clicking on the Watch Webinars button, which is located on...
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Lunch and Learn: Digital Copyright, Infringement and Fair Use

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Image: AIC Friday June 25 @ 1pmET On June 25 at 1 pm ET, the American Influencer Council (AIC) and the Copyright Alliance, will present a virtual workshop on how copyright supports innovation, creates financial protections and amplifies public access to creator content. Join artists Blair Breitenstein and Katie Rodgers, co-chairs of the AIC Art & Culture committee, Kendra Dandy, multimedia artist and an AIC Founding Member, special guest Meredith Wing, a NYC-based illustrator and...
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Library of Congress Announces Copyright Public Modernization Committee

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Editor's Note: ASMP is excited to share the announcement from the US Copyright Office about the Copyright Public Modernization Committee below. Of particular note, ASMP would like to congratulate Keith Kupferschmid, CEO of the Copyright Alliance, and Professor Jeff Sedlik, long time ASMP member, educator, and copyright expert on their appointment.    The Library of Congress announced today the membership of the new Copyright Public Modernization Committee (CPMC), which is being convened to enhance communication...
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ASMP Submits Reply Comments to USCO on CASE Act Implementation

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In December 2020, the Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement (CASE) Act was signed into law. Since that time,  ASMP has been playing a critical role along with its partners in ensuring there is an effective and timely implementation of the CASE Act by the U.S. Copyright Office. Recently, the Copyright Alliance, on behalf of its member organizations that includes ASMP, along with other organizations, submitted reply comments to the U.S. Copyright Office in response to…

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Copyright Alliance Joins the AIC Shared Interest Groups (SIGs) Network

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The Copyright Alliance, a nonprofit organization representing the unified voice of the copyright community including ASMP, and the American Influencer Council (AIC) – are both committed to protecting the copyrights of creators. Social media is all about sharing content, and it’s vital to share without infringing on the copyright and IP of a creator’s work. “Presently, grassroots organizing is how we make a meaningful impact in the creator community,” says AIC Founder Qianna Smith Bruneteau….

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ASMP & Copyright Alliance Celebrate Creators on 2021 World IP Day/ Week of April 26-30

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Join ASMP and the Copyright Alliance, of which ASMP is a member organization, as we celebrate World IP Day/Week 2021 from April 26–30. World IP Day is recognized on the same day in April of each year to remind everyone of the critical role that intellectual property plays in encouraging creativity and innovation. The 2021 World IP Day theme, as determined by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), is IP & SMEs: Taking Your Ideas…

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Stop Senator Ron Wyden and Big Tech from Crushing Creators’ Hopes for S. 1273—The CASE Act

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Cross-posted from Copyright Alliance [by Chris Castle] The CASE Act is a bipartisan copyright dispute resolution bill that is inches away from becoming the law of the land. Unfortunately, though, it has stalled in the Senate due to just one Senator. The bill calls for a “small claims” process staffed by U.S. Copyright Office attorneys for a limited category of infringement claims by creators, as well as an opportunity for a quick and inexpensive resolution…

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Copyright Alliance Statement on Book Publishers’ Infringement Suit Against Internet Archive

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Eileen Bramlet 571-228-1906 Washington, D.C. – Today, the Copyright Alliance released a statement regarding the Association of American Publishers’ (AAP) copyright infringement suit against the Internet Archive (IA) on behalf of numerous U.S. book publishers: According to CEO Keith Kupferschmid, “Today, AAP filed suit against the Internet Archive on behalf of numerous book publisher members, including Hachette Book Group, HarperCollins Publishers, John Wiley & Sons, and Penguin Random House. The…

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Fearmongering 101: An Examination of Fight for the Future’s Hackneyed and Dishonest Opposition to the CASE Act

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  Cross-posted from [by Keith Kupferschmid] Back in 2015, the Illusions of More blog famously summarized the playbook for those opposing copyright in a blog titled A Guide to Critiquing Copyright in the Digital Age. Over the years, copyright opponents have continued to stick to the playbook, and as we entered the age where fake news is the new normal, they have begun to up the ante with even more preposterous headlines and fraudulent…

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Kennedy, Panelist on CASE Act Briefing for Members of Congress and Staffs

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On May 23, the Copyright Alliance hosted a lunch briefing for members of Congress and their staffs to discuss the importance of H.R. 2426 and S. 1273, the Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement Act of 2019 (the CASE Act). Keith Kupferschmid, CEO, Copyright Alliance, moderated a panel comprised of Frank Cullen, Vice President of U.S. Intellectual Property Policy, U.S. Chamber of Commerce; Tom Kennedy, Executive Director, American Society of Media Photographers; and Michael Lewan, Director of…

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