Photo courtesy ASMP member John Dengler

CASE Act-ion: 50 States in 20 Days Campaign


Graphic Courtesy of Copyright Alliance

As Congress prepares to return to Capitol Hill next week, ASMP and its advocacy partners are preparing to launch the next CASE Act campaign – 50 States in 20 Days -to ensure that there are as many co-sponsors onboard in support of the CASE Act in expectation of the House and Senate taking action on the CASE Act during the coming weeks. The 50 States in 20 Days Campaign is scheduled to begin on Monday, September 9.

Campaign Strategy

The premise for the campaign is that all the senators and representatives who haven’t already co-sponsored the CASE Act will receive an influx of calls, emails, posts, and tweets from members of the advocacy group organizations, ASMP, APA, PPA, NANPA, Authors Guild, among others, during a concentrated period of 24 to 48 hours, to encourage those members of the House and Senate to sign on as co-sponsors.
With the campaigns being state specific, non-member creators and non-creators who live in the specified state can also participate in any state campaign, so we ask you to prep your extended networks for the coming CASE Act-ion. For latest updates about the CASE Act, go to CASE Act Central.

Campaign Schedule

Please see the schedule below for the 50 state campaigns. Information for each of the state campaigns will be sent to members residing in that state the day prior to the noted campaign date below, and each campaign will close at midnight on the following day. So everyone will have up to 48 hours to take action. Please submit questions to


Week of September 9
Monday, September 9: Colorado, Texas, Washington
Tuesday, September 10: California, Florida, Ohio
Wednesday, September 11: Utah, North Dakota, Tennessee
Thursday, September 12: Oregon, Louisiana, South Carolina
Friday, September 13: Wyoming, New York
Week of September 16
Monday, September 16: Wisconsin, Oklahoma
Tuesday, September 17: Arizona, Kentucky, Massachusetts
Wednesday, September 18: South Dakota, Illinois, Rhode Island
Thursday, September 19: Missouri, Georgia, North Carolina
Friday, September 20: Virginia, Nevada
Week of September 23
Monday, September 23: New Mexico, Michigan
Tuesday, September 24: Pennsylvania, Minnesota
Wednesday, September 25: Kansas, Vermont
Thursday, September 26: Alabama,West Virginia
Friday, September 27: Arkansas, New Jersey
Week of September 30
Monday, September 30: Connecticut,Iowa
Tuesday, October 1: Maryland, Mississippi
Wednesday, October 2: Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii
Thursday, October 3: Idaho, Indiana, Maine
Friday, October 4: Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire