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The mission of ASMP Advocacy efforts are designed to empower still and motion photographers, and associated imaging professionals; and educate both members and non-members about policies that impact both the person and the profession.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world;
indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has
. – Margaret Mead


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CASE Act Co-Sponsor List – House and Senate

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As the number of CASE Act co-sponsors in the House and Senate increases daily, we thought it a great idea to keep a running tally of sponsors as they sign on. Are Your Representative and Senators Co-Sponsors of the CASE Act? If they are not on the list below, we invite you to send your Representative and your Senators an email and/or tweet to urge them to support the CASE Act. House Sponsors Doug Collins…

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Zoë Keating’s An Argument for the CASE Act

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Cross-posted from [by Zoë Keating] I got an email from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, whose work I admire and mostly support. In the email the EFF asked its supporters to call their representatives and tell them not to support the CASE act. Roughly, the CASE act would lay out a new way for copyright holders to seek payment when their work is infringed by establishing a small-claims-court-like board inside the US Copyright office. Damages…

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The People the CASE Act Critics Don’t Want to Mention

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  Cross-posted from The Illusion of More [by David Newhoff] “We are all authors now.”  This has long been a talking point of anti-copyright organizations.  I have credited it to Gigi Sohn, co-founder and former director of Public Knowledge because she kept tweeting it during House Judiciary Committee hearings on building copyright consensus in May 2013; but I don’t really know who said it first.  I only know that it’s a popular theme that may…

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Fearmongering 101: An Examination of Fight for the Future’s Hackneyed and Dishonest Opposition to the CASE Act

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  Cross-posted from [by Keith Kupferschmid] Back in 2015, the Illusions of More blog famously summarized the playbook for those opposing copyright in a blog titled A Guide to Critiquing Copyright in the Digital Age. Over the years, copyright opponents have continued to stick to the playbook, and as we entered the age where fake news is the new normal, they have begun to up the ante with even more preposterous headlines and fraudulent…

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ASMP Seeking Information about Copyright Infringement by States/State Entities

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As part of our mission to protect photographer’s rights, ASMP is authoring a brief about copyright infringement by states or state run institutions. This is especially important if the state has argued that they have “sovereign immunity” from the infringement. This brief is for a case that will be heard in front of the US Supreme Court this fall. If you have any examples of these infringement situations, please send a message to Tom Maddrey,…

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