We’ve created several ways for sponsors to communicate with our members:

1. Program Sponsorship

  • Infinity Magazine – ASMP produces up to two print publications per year that features the work of ASMP Contest participants. Infinity Magazine is an 8.5 x 11, four-color, high-quality print piece that is mailed to each ASMP member as one of their member benefits. Members look forward to receiving this reflection of the community they belong to. We also distribute Infinity to a list of ASMP influencers. Distribution takes place during the ASMP renewal season which is early in the year. Because the January 2018 issue was so well received, ASMP is planing a second issue which will be distributed in the fall and a sponsorship opportunity is available. Sponsorship includes an inside-front-cover, full-page ad as well as inside-back-cover, full-page ad. It also includes an approved, long or short form editorial as well as run of site ads on our website for one quarter. Pricing for the production and distribution of one issue is $15,000.
  • Experts and Masters Podcast – ASMP produces a monthly podcast called Experts and Masters featuring candid conversations about the craft, business and culture of photography. It is produced in cooperation with Photo Brigade and is streamed live on Facebook and archived on the ASMP iTunes page. Annual sponsorship starts at $20,000.
  • Webinars – ASMP holds a minimum of one webinar per month. They are available live for non-members but archived for ASMP members only. Our topics focus on legal/contract issues, social media, software, marketing, block chain technology, equipment and others that our members have expressed interest in. Annual sponsorship starts at $20,000.

2. Advertising

  • Run-of-Site advertising – Opportunities exist to do run-of-site advertising on the ASMP website to our hyper-targeted audience. We use three different standard ad sizes: 160 x 600px, 300 x 250px, or 728 x 90px and our ad rates are $5,000 per month.
  • eNewsletter – The Strictly Business eNewsletter is distributed weekly to 35,000 photographers, educators, journalists, ad agency folks and media buyers. Sponsorship can be purchased on a monthly basis at a rate of $5,000 per month.

2. Advertorial

  • Educating our members is a top priority and we will approve opportunities for for the creation of long-form content that has educational value to our members. Content will be distributed on our website, in our Strictly Business eNewsletter and on all ASMP social media channels. Pricing starts at $5,000.

3. Email Marketing

  • We have a limited number of slots available to send ASMP-managed, email messages to our members. Opportunities are first-come-first-served and should add value to the ASMP member experience. Pricing starts at $3,500.

4. Funding Educational Opportunities

  • The ASMP Foundation (501c3) is devoted to providing educational opportunities for our members. Opportunities exist to sponsor an educational opportunity for Student, Associate, or Professional members. Contact us to discuss a tax deductible contribution.

To discuss these opportunities, contact Trish Barber at tbarber@3waysdigital.com. Please include ASMP Sponsorship in the subject line.