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Photo courtesy ASMP member Andy Batt

Interviews with ASMP Founders


In the early to mid 1990’s, Kay Reese and Mimi Leipzig performed a great service for ASMP. The two interviewed many of the last remaining original and early members of ASMP, and these conversations were transcribed and edited for publication in connection with ASMP’s 60th Anniversary in 2004. They constitute a treasure trove of fact, memory, autobiography and, in some instances, the best record of what the ASMP founders thought and felt and shared in the glimmer of the Society’s beginnings.
These are stories of anger and courage, commitment and progress, humor and disappointment. But mostly they are the voices of men and women — most, sadly, gone now — who fought, at great personal and financial risk, to maintain the highest standards of their profession, and to help extend their expertise and hard-earned gains and protections to their fellow photographers, and by doing so, helped to define what ASMP is all about.