Chapter & Specialty Group Grant Program – Media Storm

Media Storm

Washington DC chapter

The Program

As part of FotoWeekDC, ASMPDC presents Brian Storm, Executive Producer of MediaStorm, one of the industry’s leading multimedia firms.

We will have Brian at two events:
– an evening keynote presentation
– an all-day hands-on workshop the following day

Evening presentation: Multimedia Storytelling @ MediaStorm

Storytelling opportunities continue to evolve as a result of technological innovations and an expanding media universe. The digital age is giving documentary photographers and photojournalists extraordinary new ways to tell stories. With this new ability, you can also exercise a greater level of authorship with your work. How can long-form, in-depth visual storytellers satisfy both their journalistic and financial needs in this environment? Learn how to disseminate your work to create an impact on the subject, issue and hopefully society.

Brian Storm will show how some of the top photojournalists have redefined their storytelling capabilities to include audio reporting and an eye towards publication in multiple media. Their work is capturing acclaim around the world in a time when reader’s attention spans are running short.

All-day workshop: MediaStorm Multimedia Workshop

This one-day workshop provides an overview of multimedia storytelling approaches while engaging participants in discussion about the most appropriate ways to create a multimedia story. Through real world examples, Brian will share proven techniques to improve reporting and post production.

Workshop outline:

  • Narrative Storytelling
    • Examples of successful projects
    • Developing the best approach for creating effective multimedia stories
    • Pros and cons of the various narrative approaches
  • Reporting Approach
    • Using the best tools for the story
    • Integrating still images, audio and video
  • The Business Model
    • How to create a diverse model
    • How to leverage the various distribution outlets