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2018 Election of National Board Directors

February 7: ASMP Announces Candidates for 2018 National Board Election

February 16: ASMP to Request Voting Members to Submit Questions for Response by Candidates

February 28: Posting of Candidate Responses to Submitted Questions

March 1 – March 15: Online Voting

March 23rd: Newly-elected Directors Announced


National  Board of Directors

Becoming a Candidate

The National Board will have 12 members, who must be Professional Members or Life Members of ASMP. (Professional Members were formerly known as General Members.) Each board member serves a three-year term, and the terms are staggered so that four members are up for election each year. A board member can run for reelection, but cannot serve more than two terms (6 years) in a row.

Unlike many organizations, at ASMP there is no nominating process. Rather, candidates for office declare their own candidacy by filing this form (PDF). The declaration must have been received (by email or post) in the National office by midnight, on the first Friday January during the election year for the upcoming election in March.

An essay by past ASMP President Reagan Bradshaw offers an excellent view of the responsibilities and rewards of board service. Read the essay.

Annual Election Timetable

December 15 – January 6: Candidates declare their intent to run for office.

January 31: Deadline for candidates to provide their ballot information and statements. Each candidate’s statement is limited to 500 words and will be part of the official ballot materials. National Board members do not endorse candidates. Candidates may seek the endorsement of other ASMP members and include the endorsers’ names in their official statements.

Before that deadline, candidates’ endorsers may furnish supplemental information that is published only on this website (and has its own word-count limit). Many members find that the extra statements are helpful. The supplemental endorsements are displayed with each candidate’s ballot statement.

February 14 – February 21: All voting members are encouraged to ask public questions for the candidates to answer. The rules for the Q & A are shown below.

March 1: Voting begins. Voting is online, and members must cast their ballots on or before March 15.

March 15: Last day to vote. The online poll stays open until midnight (Eastern Standard Time).

March 16: (First business day after the deadline.) Ballots are unsealed and the counting begins.

March 23: Results are finalized. The candidates are notified, and the results are published to the membership.

The new board members will begin their terms at the time of the annual Board meeting in June. The election of officers will be held promptly, and the results will be announced as soon as they are known. Under ASMP’s governing documents, the new officers are elected by the sitting board.


Rules for Candidate Q & A

  1. This Q & A has been created as part of the effort to better inform the ASMP electorate as to the qualifications and merits of the various candidates for national board service in the National board election. It has been structured to balance that communication need with the time demands that could be reasonably placed on candidates responding to questions in an organization with such a vast number of voting members.
  2. Members of ASMP who are entitled to vote in this election may submit questions for response by the candidates. The editor of this Q & A, Tom Kennedy, will verify that the sender is a voting member before proceeding with any question submitted. The questions will be addressed to the candidates, generally, for response by any or all of them who choose to respond. Questions will not be attributed to any individual member or members. Questions may be submitted to, and may not be sent directly to the editors.
  3. The number of questions that will be posted will be determined by the editor, based on such criteria as the volume and content of the questions submitted. Not all questions that are submitted will be posted.
  4. All questions submitted will be reviewed, selected and edited for clarity, balance, propriety and form, and may not be posted in exactly the form in which they were submitted. Questions submitted may be posted in whole or in part; may be edited by the editor; may be combined with other, similar questions, or may be rejected entirely. Members submitting questions will not receive a report as to the disposition of their questions or the reasons for it, other than seeing what questions are posted. All decisions of the editor will be final. The editor is not permitted to engage in political discussions or discussions as to the merits of the individual candidates. They will remain neutral.
  5. Candidates may submit responses to any and all questions. As is required for ballot statements, responses will be reviewed only by ASMP’s legal counsel for legal issues and will not be edited, except by the respective candidates. However, it should go without saying that the customary rules of propriety and decorum will apply, and responses violating those rules will be sent back to the respective candidates for editing by the candidate before they will be posted. The decisions of ASMP’s legal counsel will be final. There are no word limits or other requirements on candidates’ responses.
  6. Candidates must respond to those questions that they wish to answer within seven (7) business days after those questions are posted. The editors will hold all candidates’ responses until the deadline has passed and will post all timely responses at the same time. The purpose of this deadline is to prevent any candidate from having the advantage of seeing his/her opponents’ responses before writing his/her own. To prevent unfair hardship, the editors have the discretion to waive the deadline and post late responses in extreme circumstances. The burden will be on a candidate who wishes to submit a late response to persuade the editors that a special exception would be warranted in the interests of fairness, and that candidate will be required to document the reasons for the lateness. The decisions of the editors will be final.
  7. Members may submit follow-up questions or questions on new topics. All questions and answers will be subject to the same rules and procedures described above. The active period for this follow-up will end when the online voting system opens and voting begins, on or before last day of February. All ballot statements, questions and answers will remain on the ASMP Web site for member reference through March 15.
  8. Members should always remember that directors seeking re-election are bound by fiduciary duties that do not apply to the other candidates, and they may not be able to answer, or answer as fully as their opponents, certain questions. In particular, questions relating to matters currently or previously before the Board may present issues that sitting Board members are simply not permitted to address without violating their legal and ethical duties as directors.

Chapter Board Elections

Information related to Chapter Board Elections is located in the Chapter Resource Center.