Photo courtesy ASMP member David Hume Kennerly

ASMP Board of Directors

The 2020-21 Board of Directors

The directors of ASMP are working photographers and Professional Members of ASMP who volunteer their time and energies for the Society and the industry. The following provides some brief information about the current board.

Officers and directors have officially assumed their positions at the June 2020 ASMP Board Meeting.

Marianne Lee

Marianne Lee
© Kim Fuller

Marianne Lee — Chair

Joined ASMP: 2005
Chapter Affiliation: New England
Positions Held: Elected to ASMP National Board for 2019=2021, 2016-2018, Chapter Secretary 2008-2011; Chapter Programs Director and Secretary 2009-2011; Chapter Vice President 2011-2013; Chapter President 2013-2015
Value of ASMP Membership: “The ASMP community is so important to me. I have a network of photographers I can call for questions, ideas and even a little moral support.”
Contact Marianne: e-mail lee@asmp.org

Michael Shay — Vice-Chair

Joined ASMP: 1993
Chapter Affiliation: Oregon
Positions Held: National Board 2020-2022, 2017-2019; Chapter President 3 years, Chapter Vice President 2 years, and Board Member 6 years with various responsibilities including Events and Sponsorship
Work (specialty): Food
Value of ASMP Membership: “ASMP has helped photographers in general by their national lobbying for copyright and copyright small claims.  It has helped my career personally with its educational events on photo techniques, marketing, and business practices. Most of all, getting to know my fellow photographers has been a great support and pleasure during all the years I have been in Oregon.”
Non-photographic interests: Poetry, Beer Brewing, Karate, and of course, Food and Travel
Contact Michael: email shay@asmp.org

© Shawn G. Henry

Felicia Perretti — Secretary

Joined ASMP: 2009
Chapter Affiliation: Philadelphia
Positions Held: Seated to National Board 2020-21; Elected to National Board 2017-2019; Chapter Social Media Coordinator, Secretary, Vice President, President
Work (Specialities): Food and Beverage Photography
Value of ASMP Membership: “I am a part of ASMP, and have been since the start of my career, for the programs, benefits, and networking opportunities offered by the organization. The knowledge shared by other working professional photographers who also are the backbone of the organization is something you can’t find anywhere else. I am where I am today in my career because of ASMP.”
Non-photographic interests: Exercising, Cycling, Cooking, Traveling
Contact Felicia: email perretti@asmp.org

Gabriella Marks Photography

Gabriella Marks — Treasurer

Joined ASMP: 2011
Chapter Affiliation: New Mexico
Positions Held: National Board 2018-2020; New Mexico Chapter President; New Mexico Board Member.
Contact Gabriella: e-mail marks@asmp.org

Kevin Brusie

Joined ASMP: 1992
Chapter Affiliation: New England
Positions Held: New England Board Member [a long time ago] & volunteer to collaborate on the creation of the Mutual Mentoring Groups in New England
Work: Still & video (added 2004) serving mostly corporate direct clients in the financial services, veterinary science, & healthcare industries. Sometimes summarized as “photographing suits & lab coats in their natural habitat”.
Value of ASMP Membership: “I joined for the support and knowledge of the many experienced members in New England way back in ’92. It has been a great source of networking, inspiration, and knowledge. Knowing National always had our backs in DC was comforting, too.”
Non-photographic interests: Fun on two wheels – long distance motorcycle touring and road/mountain biking.
Contact Kevin: e-mail brusie@asmp.org

©Jonsar Studios

Thomas Donley

Joined ASMP: 2002
Chapter Affiliation: New York
Positions Held: National Board 2020-2022; ASMP New York President, 2015-2019, ASMP New York Membership Chair, 2009-2015
Contact Thomas: e-mail donley@asmp.org

Rana Faure

Joined ASMP: 2017
Chapter Affiliation: New York
Positions Held: National Board (first position held)
Work: Shooting lifestyle, architecture, interiors, food portraits, corporate and private events
Value of ASMP Membership: I was always impressed with the professionalism exhibited by the ASMP members in my previous incarnation on the agency side working with countless photographers.  I joined ASMP to be part of this community with a history of founders and members that include some of the greatest names in the industry and till this day. I found an amazingly strong, vibrant and active community sharing knowledge that is relevant, and working on important advocacy on behalf of the photographic industry on the whole which is essential to all of us.  Given the tumultuous times in which we find ourselves, community and advocacy is fundamental and I am honored to serve.
Contact Rana: e-mail faure@asmp.org

Nicholas Freeman

Joined ASMP: 2009

Chapter Affiliation: Los Angeles

Positions Held: Elected to ASMP National Board for 2020-2023,  Los Angeles Chapter Board 2012-2020, Los Angeles Chapter Treasurer 2017-2020

Work (Specialty): Showing humans in their best light.

Value of ASMP Membership: “I was introduced to ASMP by a college professor through the ASMP Professional Business Practices in Photography book and the Strictly Business events. If it wasn’t for the support and education I have found in ASMP it is possible I would not have stuck with photography as a career, let alone the quality and success of the career I have had to date. I joined the board to ensure that others were given the same opportunities and support that was available to me.”

Non-Photographic Interests: board games and scuba / free diving

Contact Nicholas: e-mail freeman@asmp.org

Michael Hart

Joined ASMP: 1979
Chapter Affiliation: Houston
Positions Held: Elected to ASMP National Board for 2016-2018, Chapter Board member: latest term 2008-2010
Value of ASMP Membership: “I am an ASMP Member because it has been the premiere organization for commercial photographers for well over 50 years. The information, education, and camaraderie from fellow members that I have gained in my nearly 40 years of membership has been invaluable”.
Contact Michael: e-mail hart@asmp.org

@Samantha Isom Pictures

Samantha Isom

Joined ASMP: 2020
Chapter Affiliation: New York
Positions Held: Seated to ASMP National Board for 2020-2022
Value of ASMP Membership: To be posted shortly.
Contact Samantha: e-mail isom@asmp.org

Leah Nash

Joined ASMP: 2011
Chapter Affiliation: Oregon
Positions Held: National Board 2019-2021; Event Chair, Vice President, President (Oregon Chapter)
Work: www.NashCOPhoto.com and www.LeahNash.com
Value of ASMP Membership: “community/advocacy/education”
Non-photographic interests: Pretty much just photography.  Okay, okay….adventuring, dancing, entertaining, trying new things, exercise.
Contact Leah: e-mail nash@asmp.org

Frank Rocco

Frank Rocco
© John Bigelow Taylor

Frank Rocco

Joined ASMP: 2001
Chapter Affiliation: New York
Positions Held: Elected to ASMP National Board for 2015-2017, Chapter Board Member 2001-2003, Chapter Membership Director 2003-2009, Chapter President 2010-2015
Work: Fashion and beauty photography, portraits and headshots;
Educator at Fashion Institute of Technology (SUNY).
Value of ASMP Membership: “I’m an ASMP member because being part of the ASMP professional community is essential for my career. The ASMP community is my resource for all things related to the business of photography.”
Non-photographic interests: Playing guitar, snowboarding.
Contact Frank: e-mail rocco@asmp.org

Stretch Ledford

Stretch Ledford
© Brian K. Johnson

Stretch Ledford – Ex Officio

Joined ASMP: 2002
Chapter Affiliation: Chicago/Midwest
Positions Held: Elected to Board for 2014-2016; Re-elected 2017-2019
Work: Associate Professor of Journalism at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign specializing in immersive, non-fiction multimedia storytelling.
Value of ASMP Membership: “The creative process is often a solitary endeavor.  Human beings, however, are social animals – we need community to thrive.  ASMP provides that community for me.”
Non-photographic interests: High-fidelity audio, beekeeping, Noni, Grace, Mr. Chung (“woof!”)
Contact Stretch: e-mail stretch@illinois.edu