ASMP Board of Directors

The directors of ASMP are working photographers and Professional Members of ASMP who volunteer their time and energies for the Society and the industry. The following provides some brief information about the current board.

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The 2016-17 Board of Directors

Officers and directors have officially assumed their positions at the ASMP Board Meeting at the beginning of June.

Jenna Close — Chair

Joined ASMP: 2007
Chapter Affiliation: San Diego
Positions Held: Chapter Vice-President 2010-2011, Chapter Program Chair 2009-2010, ASMP Board 2011; reelected for 2014-2016; ASMP Vice-Chair 2014-2015
Work: Corporate photography, specializing in the alternative energy and environmental sustainability markets.
Value of ASMP Membership: “Without ASMP’s business education and community support system, I would not be a professional photographer today”.
Non-photographic interests: Surfing, socializing and traveling the world.
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Jenna Close Jenna Close © P2 Photography

Luke Copping
© Luke Copping

Luke Copping — Vice-Chair

Joined ASMP: 2002
Chapter Affiliation: Western New York
Positions Held: Elected to Board for 2013-2015; reelected for 2016-2018
Positions Held: Chapter Social Media Coordinator 2010-2011, Chapter President 2011-2013
Work: Editorial, advertising, and corporate portraiture of people & animals
Value of ASMP Membership: The mentorship that I have received from other ASMP members is why I have a career today. I have learned lessons both about photography and business that I could only be taught by those who had experienced the ups and downs of this industry first hand. Now I want to give back and help other photographers adapt to a changing visual and business landscape in ways that can help them have healthier and more sustainable lives in this industry.
Non-photographic interests: Reading, spending time with my daughter and my dog, being an advocate for positive change in Buffalo NY.
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Mark Green © Phil Miller

Mark Green
© Phil Miller

Mark Green — Treasurer

Joined ASMP: 1980
Chapter Affiliation: Houston
Positions Held: Chapter Board member: 2008-2010, ASMP National Board in 2011; reelected for 2014-2016
Work: Corporate/Industrial stills and complete video capabilities.
Non-photographic interests: Golf, tennis, music, movies, gardening, wines, cooking and the occasional cigar.
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Michael Hart, Houston, Texas-based Photographer

Michael Hart
© Michael Hart

Michael Hart

Joined ASMP: 1979
Chapter Affiliation: Houston
Positions Held: Elected to ASMP National Board for 2016-2018, Chapter Board member: latest term 2008-2010
Value of ASMP Membership: “I am an ASMP Member because it has been the premiere organization for commercial photographers for well over 50 years. The information, education, and camaraderie from fellow members that I have gained in my 37 years of membership has been invaluable”.
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Stretch Ledford

Stretch Ledford
© Brian K. Johnson

Stretch Ledford

Joined ASMP: 2002
Chapter Affiliation: Chicago/Midwest
Positions Held: Elected to Board for 2014-2016
Work: Assistant Professor of Journalism at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign specializing in immersive, non-fiction multimedia storytelling.
Value of ASMP Membership: “The creative process is often a solitary endeavor.  Human beings, however, are social animals – we need community to thrive.  ASMP provides that community for me.”
Non-photographic interests: High-fidelity audio, Noni, Grace, Mr. Chung (“woof!”)
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Marianne Lee

Marianne Lee
© Kim Fuller

Marianne Lee

Joined ASMP: 2005
Chapter Affiliation: New England
Positions Held: Elected to ASMP National Board for 2016-2018, Chapter Secretary 2008-2011; Chapter Programs Director and Secretary 2009-2011; Chapter Vice President 2011-2013; Chapter President 2013-2015
Value of ASMP Membership: “The ASMP community is so important to me. I have a network of photographers I can call for questions, ideas and even a little moral support”.
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Irene Owsley

Irene Owsley
© Paul Fetters

Irene Owsley — Secretary

Joined ASMP: 1995
Chapter Affiliation: New Mexico
Positions Held: Appointed to ASMP National Board in 2011; elected for 2012-2014; reelected for 2015-2017, Chapter Co-President (DC chapter): 2008-2010; Program Chair: 2006-2008
Work: Outdoors & travel for stock, editorial & non-profit clients, primarily; fine art for corporate interiors.
Value of ASMP Membership: “I am an ASMP member to be part of a serious and successful professional community, to learn from and share with my colleagues, and to find connection with the industry as a whole.”
Non-photographic interests: Whitewater kayaking, hiking, skiing, travel, particularly to remote northern regions. Travel & exploration literature; circumpolar culture.
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Frank Rocco

Frank Rocco
© John Bigelow Taylor

Frank Rocco

Joined ASMP: 2001
Chapter Affiliation: New York
Positions Held: Elected to ASMP National Board for 2015-2017, Chapter Board Member 2001-2003, Chapter Membership Director 2003-2009, Chapter President 2010-2015
Work: Fashion and beauty photography, portraits and headshots;
Educator at Fashion Institute of Technology (SUNY).
Value of ASMP Membership: “I’m an ASMP member because being part of the ASMP professional community is essential for my career. The ASMP community is my resource for all things related to the business of photography.”
Non-photographic interests: Playing guitar, snowboarding.
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Barry Schwartz

Barry Schwartz
© Barry Schwartz

Barry Schwartz

Joined ASMP: 2005
Chapter Affiliation: Los Angeles
Positions Held: Elected to the ASMP National Board for 2011-2014; reelected for 2016-2018, Chapter Board Member 2008; Chapter President 2008-2011
Work: Architecture, Interiors, Portraits, Documentary
Value of ASMP Membership: “When I was thinking about becoming a photographer it took almost no time to realize ASMP had the best resources for how to be a professional.  ASMP was the lens through which I understood what it would take, including the value of learning from my peers and how to give back in return”.
Non-photographic interests: Design, science, how things work, history, music, movies, and trying to understand what’s going on inside the mind of my Wheaten Terrier, Whiskey.  I’m sure he feels the same about me.
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John Welsh

John Welsh
© Sarah DiCicco

John Welsh

Joined ASMP: 2006
Chapter Affiliation: Philadelphia
Positions Held: Elected to ASMP National Board for 2015-2017, Chapter Board Member 2007-2015, Chapter Website & Communications 2007-2009, Vice President, 2009-2011, Chapter President 2012-2015
Work: Photojournalism, documentary video, fine art.
Value of ASMP Membership: “For me, being part of a community of professionals is vital to professional life and ASMP provides that community. It’s a place where we can examine our business practices, explore and get feedback on our creative endeavors and constantly learn & evolve in this new age of communication.”
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Michael Weschler

Michael Weschler
© Michael Weschler Photography

Michael Weschler

Joined ASMP: 2008
Chapter Affiliation: New York
Positions Held: Elected to ASMP National Board for 2014-2016
Work: Stills & Video Director of Lifestyle/Celebrity/People stories for magazine covers & marketing campaigns.
Value of ASMP Membership: “ASMP was there for me early in my career, at a crucial time, when it is was important for me to learn about the value of my work, my individual signature and how to make my talents more marketable.
The friendships I’ve made with other members has expanded our conversations to include our wide photo community, so we voice our shared concerns together and continue to grow and learn from each other”.
Non-photographic interests: Triathlon competition; tennis, hiking and yoga.
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David Zentz

David Zentz
© Erinn Zentz

David Zentz

Joined ASMP: 2008
Chapter Affiliation: Los Angeles
Positions Held: Elected to Board for 2015-2017, Chapter President: 2011-2015; Vice-President: 2009-2011
Work: People and places for editorial, corporate and commercial clients.
Value of ASMP Membership: “I am an ASMP member because the organization has been instrumental in my success as an independent business person. I am also a strong believer that photographers need to band together as an industry to fight for our rights, particularly in the area of copyright, and have found that the ASMP is the organization doing the most to that end”.
Non-photographic interests: Travel, camping, film, sports, beer brewing.
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