Photo courtesy ASMP member David Hume Kennerly

The American Society of Media Photographers  (ASMP) is the premier trade association for the world’s most respected photographers. ASMP is the leader in promoting photographers’ rights, providing education in better business practices, producing business publications for photographers, and helping to connect clients with professional photographers. ASMP, founded in 1944, has nearly 5,000 members and 38 chapters.

ASMP Board of Directors

The directors of ASMP are working photographers and General Members of ASMP who volunteer their time and energies for the Society and the industry.
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Election Central for National Board of Directors

For information about becoming a candidate for the National Board of Directors and the election cycle timeline, please click here.

ASMP Staff

The ASMP professional staff are available to help members with advice and information and will respond promptly to all inquiries.
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History of ASMP

For more than seventy years, ASMP has worked to protect the creative works of its members, and promote still and motion photography.

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Member Code of Conduct

The Member Code of Conduct describes the responsibilities of working photographers to their profession and to the individuals they work for and with in a designated place of employment.
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Privacy Policy

ASMP respects your privacy. Learn about the information we do and don’t collect about you when you interact with ASMP on-line or in person.
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