Which Form To Use

We offer four model release forms, ranging from the lengthy and legalistic to the short and simple. To use one of these releases, copy and paste the text into a word processor. Phrases in red are intended to be replaced by new language that is appropriate to your specific business.

ASMP members: You can use customizable versions of these documents after you log in. The online forms will let you fill in certain variables on-screen and will then reflow the document; you can continue to tweak the language until you are satisfied. You can then output a printer-friendly version directly, or export the text to a word processor for final formatting.

  1. General model release for adults. Use this for commercial shoots with professional models. There is an optional clause for sensitive uses. View the recommended language.
  2. General model release for children. This is almost identical to the release for adults, except it is signed by the child’s parent or guardian. (One parent is sufficient, but get both parents to sign if you can.) There is an optional clause for sensitive uses. View the recommended language.
  3. Simplified adult release. A shorter version of the general release, this form is adequate if the use of the images is restricted to “safe” contexts and straightforward applications. View the recommended language.
  4. Pocket model release. A very short document, this is useful for spontaneous encounters with members of the public. View the recommended language.
  5. Photographer’s portfolio release. Although professional models will almost never sign a general release, you might negotiate a restricted release to use images for your portfolio, with no other commercial uses. View the recommended language.
  6. Property release. Use this to record the property owner’s consent for photos of places, pets, automobiles, works of art and so forth. View the recommended language.

Releases in other languages

All of our releases are in English, which is fully acceptable in the courts of the U.S. and Canada. In other countries, you cannot assume that English will be acceptable, and you are very likely to encounter resistance to signing a document unless it’s in the correct language. Even in North America there are many people who don’t read English. These people may be more willing to sign a release if it’s in a language that they do read.

Fortunately, Getty Images has translated its standard release into nine languages, and has graciously made these versions freely available on this page. The languages are: US English, UK English, German, French (two versions), Spanish, Italian, Brazilian, Japanese, and Chinese.

Please be aware that ASMP has not conducted a legal review of these documents and does not officially endorse their use. Getty has designed its releases to protect Getty and its contributing photographers — but if their interests are not identical to yours, they are probably fairly similar. Besides, any release is likely to be better than none.