ASMP Recommended Speaker Rosh Sillars: Social Channel Building For Photographers

by | Nov 1, 2018 | Recommended Speaker

Contact: Rosh Sillars
248 672 4901

Program Summary

Social Channel Building For Photographers (1.5 to 2 hours)

An effective marketing strategy for photographers is to build social media channels. This allows photographers to build awareness of their work, improve authority and expertise in their niche. Once a channel is developed it can turn into a funnel for future business.

I speak on the foundations of a good channel building plan, strategy and benefits. I focus on the best practices to grow channels such as YouTube, IGTV (Instagram) and Facebook Groups. I share tips and tricks related to the algorithms of core platforms and how to approach each channel.
This talk is beyond social media 101, it’s channel building — social community development which leads to new photography opportunities.

What makes you an expert in this area? Is your talk based on your existing business, a course you teach, a new book or photographic project? 

I’ve written books, blogs, podcasts, magazine articles and speak regularly on the topic of social media and channel building.

Previous talks or projects over the last two years? Who were they for? How were they received?

I’ve given talks to local metro Detroit groups, ASMP chapters and regularly speak on podcasts and YouTube about social media and channel building. Building channels such as YouTube, IGTV, Podcasts, and Facebook groups are popular topics.

Have you been following the photo industry in the last 2-3 years? Have you noticed what ASMP has been up to?

Yes, I’m the current ASMP Michigan chapter President.

How does your talk benefit ASMP members?

It gives photographers additional tools to grow their photography business.

Would your talk be effective in recruiting new members? Students? Emerging photographers?

I’ve found this topic to be of interest to photographers of all levels and ages. Younger photographers seem to appreciate the YouTube angle.

Any additional benefits provided to schools or universities?

I’m open to class talks, if time is available.