Proposal Process

For ASMP Seminars and Recommended Programs

ASMP Seminars

ASMP Seminars are traveling educational programs that teach business skills relevant to professional photographers.

The topics are selected by ASMP based on relevance, need, and the fulfillment of ASMP’s mission to serve the interests of independent professional photographers. Strategically, we strive to cover topics not represented in other industry educational settings.

ASMP produces these seminars. Prior to a program’s launch, each educator works with the Education Director on the program curriculum. During the program season, there is careful review of audience feedback and alterations are made to the content as deemed necessary. All ASMP seminars use the ASMP-branded presentation template and promotional materials.

ASMP seminars are not designed to highlight the work of an individual educator. Personal work and experiences are sometimes used to illustrate a point, but are not the focus or purpose of the content.

Each seminar series is presented at an average of twenty locations over two academic seasons. These seminars are hosted at our 39 chapters and at various industry conferences.

We seek the highest quality of educators who are thought leaders in our industry and have a specific expertise in their field.

Educators are vetted based on the following criteria:

  • Speaking skills
  • Education experience
  • Expertise in a needed content area
  • Willingness to meet the scheduling requirements
  • Willingness to cooperatively build the appropriate curriculum
  • Willingness to use the ASMP brand on all program materials
  • Willingness to present the content only under the ASMP brand for an agreed-upon time period
  • Willingness to provide professional education quality at a price favorable to maintaining the sustainability of our educational outreach*

* ASMP pays a stipend for each presentation and covers travel expenses. Unless negotiated separately, ASMP does not reimburse educators for the development of the seminar content. Outside sponsorship is welcomed, but any relationships must be fully disclosed to ASMP.

To apply to be an ASMP educator or submit an education proposal, go here.

Recommended Programs

ASMP Recommended Programs are vetted offerings made available to the chapter leadership. Our 39 chapters hold regular events, and ASMP provides this list to facilitate that work. The current list of recommended programs is available here.

ASMP does not in any way produce the recommended programs. We simply offer this list as a resource to our chapters. The financial and promotional arrangements for these programs are made directly between the chapter and the presenter or sponsor.

A combination of members and staff vet these programs for quality and relevance based on the following criteria:

  • Speaker presentation skills
  • Presentation materials
  • Expertise of the speaker on the given topic
  • Relevance of the program topic to our constituency
  • Compatibility of the content with ASMP’s basic principles and policies

To submit a program proposal, go here.