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The Strictly Business Webinar Series provides information and insight to members on the latest business development, legal, and technical topics by industry experts relevant to the current trends impacting visual creators.

All ASMP Strictly Business webinars are recorded and available for member viewing in the Webinar Archives following the webinar event date.

All ASMP Legal Clinic webinars are recorded and are available for purchase following the webinar event date.

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ASMP is focused on providing critical information to members about legal and business issues during the COVID-19 pandemic, and have scheduled both weekly Town Hall Q&As and Strictly Business webinars. See details below.

TECH TALK: Keywording Alternatives for Photography with Henrik de Gyor – June 28 @ 9amPT/12pmET

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Whether we look through our office or on a website, metadata is considered a need in order to find digital photographs in a timely manner today. Henrik will look at the challenges photographers face with adding metadata to digital photographs in order to make these more searchable and sellable today. He will also look at some alternatives by comparing human-generated keywording services and machine-generated image recognition available today. Register Now! _____________________________________________       Henrik de Gyor Bio Henrik de…

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LEGAL TALK: Releases with Nathan Hoerschelmann – May 24th @9amPT/12pmET

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ASMP Executive Director, Tom Kennedy, and ASMP Legal Advisor and Seattle Attorney, Nathan Hoerschelmann, discuss the various elements of releases that photographers use on a daily basis with third parties in the freelance forums of the still and motion industries. Learn what to include in a release to protect your business and your creative work. Register for Legal Talk NOW

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ASMP Legal Clinic

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Legal Clinic: Photographers, Assistants, Employees and Contractors (February 2020)

ASMP General Counsel Thomas Maddrey discusses California law AB5, and helps photographers who are employers determine what laws they need to be aware of, and what traps they need to avoid.

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Legal Clinic #3: Rights of Privacy and Publicity for Photographers (2020 Edition)

Every professional photographer knows about copyright, but many are not well versed in how the rights of privacy and publicity can have an effect on what you are paid, and when your client or subject can exert control over the images you create. Intertwined with these rights are model releases, and we will discuss how to draft a protective release and how recent advances in technology have changed the landscape for releases of all types.

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Legal Clinic #2: How to Write a License Agreement That is Effective

So often, photographers have been using the same licensing agreements that were handed down to them years past. Unfortunately, many of these agreements are not going to count when it matters. In this session, we will review what needs to be in your license agreements to be effective, what cannot be in there, and how to write a license that will stand up to scrutiny by your client and the courts. This session will also include how best to get your client on board with your agreements, and when licensing might not be the best option.

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Legal Clinic #1: What Photographers Need to Know About Copyright (Fall 2019 Edition)

In the last year, the Copyright Office and the courts have altered multiple requirements and standards that directly affect photographers. In this session, you will receive up to date info on copyright basics, registration tips, how to use the new spreadsheet and group applications required by the Copyright Office, and much more. This nuts-and-bolts webinar will get you up to speed on what, where, when, and how to register your copyrights, and why that is so vital.

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