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Welcome to ASMP Webinars! ASMP is focused on providing timely content on critical legal and business issues to assist you with protecting and growing your business, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. We want you to consider ASMP Webinars as a go-to resource for this information.

All ASMP webinars are recorded and available for viewing following the webinar event date under Posted Webinar Videos below.

If you are looking for a chapter-produced webinar video, they may or may not be posted on this page. Please contact the chapter directly to inquire about viewing past chapter webinar videos. Chapter contact details can be found at

To view all previously recorded ASMP COVID-19 Town Hall Q&As, go to Town Hall Webinar Archives.

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Upcoming Webinars

ASMP Webinars provide information and insight on the latest business development, legal, and technical topics by industry experts relevant to the current trends impacting visual creators.

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Posted Webinar Videos

ASMP Presents: “From Pre to Post – Crushing Deadlines and Growing Your Client Base with Faster Collaboration and GlobalEdit” – Video

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Learn how to turn in more work with the same-size team. GlobalEdit frees up time spent during pre-pro and post-production collaboration with collaborative tools, editing, markup, versioning, approval and library management all in a single cloud-based platform. Invest the time you save towards getting new clients, shooting more projects, and producing more content. We will show you the best photography workflow to organize and collaborate on your shoots from planning through delivery with an eye...
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ASMP Chicago/Midwest Webinar: “Repurposing Your Purpose with Martine Séverin” – Video

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In early February 2020, Martine Séverin led an ASMP workshop focused on visualizing and manifesting a career infused with one’s individual purpose⁠ — why we do what we do. Now, at a moment when those new year plans must adapt to new circumstances and a new way of operating in the world, Séverin returned to the topic in this interactive webinar. This time, instead of leading us through the process of developing a why, Séverin...
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ASMP Weekly Webinar: “Marketing and Mindfulness: Now More Than Ever” – Video

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Marketing and Mindfulness: two essential components of business success that are needed now more than ever. Getting the attention of potential clients has always been a challenge.  Today’s information-overloaded, short-attention-span economy – one that now also has an overlay of fear and anxiety due to the pandemic – makes it even harder, but also more important. Every so often, you realize you have to upgrade to your imaging software to continue to do what you do best....
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Wednesday Webinar: “Getting Back to Work – What Does That Mean And What Will It Take?” – Video

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ASMP presented a webinar with four photography professionals: “What we know about what it takes to work in a new and unfamiliar environment.” Topics that were addressed: The physical practicalities for large or small crews or no crew at all Safety protocol best practices for protecting yourself and those around you New legal issues: waivers, policies and procedures Insurance changes Communication challenges, both on-set and remote with clients New technologies for production Hair, makeup and...
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Legal Clinics (Free and For Purchase)

Legal Clinic #4: Photographers, Assistants, Employees and Contractors (February 2020)

ASMP General Counsel Thomas Maddrey discusses California law AB5, and helps photographers who are employers determine what laws they need to be aware of, and what traps they need to avoid.

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Legal Clinic #3: Rights of Privacy and Publicity for Photographers (January 2020)

Every professional photographer knows about copyright, but many are not well versed in how the rights of privacy and publicity can have an effect on what you are paid, and when your client or subject can exert control over the images you create. Intertwined with these rights are model releases, and we will discuss how to draft a protective release and how recent advances in technology have changed the landscape for releases of all types.

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Legal Clinic #2: How to Write a License Agreement That is Effective (December 2019)

So often, photographers have been using the same licensing agreements that were handed down to them years past. Unfortunately, many of these agreements are not going to count when it matters. In this session, we will review what needs to be in your license agreements to be effective, what cannot be in there, and how to write a license that will stand up to scrutiny by your client and the courts. This session will also include how best to get your client on board with your agreements, and when licensing might not be the best option.

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Legal Clinic #1: What Photographers Need to Know About Copyright (November 2019)

In the last year, the Copyright Office and the courts have altered multiple requirements and standards that directly affect photographers. In this session, you will receive up to date info on copyright basics, registration tips, how to use the new spreadsheet and group applications required by the Copyright Office, and much more. This nuts-and-bolts webinar will get you up to speed on what, where, when, and how to register your copyrights, and why that is so vital.

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Webinar Video Archives (Member Only)

ASMP Member Only Webinar Archives includes webinar video private URLs for previously recorded webinars held in 2019 and earlier.

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