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Photo courtesy ASMP member Andy Batt

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Welcome to ASMP Webinars! ASMP is focused on providing timely content on critical legal and business issues to assist you with protecting and growing your business, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. We want you to consider ASMP Webinars as a go-to resource for this information.

All ASMP webinars are recorded and available for viewing following the webinar event date under Posted Webinar Videos below.

If you are looking for a chapter-produced webinar video, they may or may not be posted on this page. Please contact the chapter directly to inquire about viewing past chapter webinar videos. Chapter contact details can be found at

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ASMP Webinars provide information and insight on the latest business development, legal, and technical topics by industry experts relevant to the current trends impacting visual creators.

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Posted Webinar Videos

Quick Reference: ASMP Town Hall & Webinar Video Archives

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In 2021, ASMP will continue to produce town halls and webinars to assist members in navigating the business and legal challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic. To make it easy for those who may miss any live events, or those who just want to rewatch recordings of events attended, ASMP has created this quick reference list of town halls and webinars. While some of town halls and webinars may be recorded for public access to...
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AMSP-Minneapolis/St. Paul Chapter: Work with Perspective – October 8, 2020 – Video

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Please join ASMP-MSP for an evening with three visual professionals in our community who are using their platforms to advocate, and contribute positively to our collective communities through photography and other channels. This will be a special creative event, a cultural exchange of ideas and vision, please bring your questions and your friends. The conversation was hosted by Mary Archambault. Mary is a photo assistant and photographer based in Minneapolis. She is co-chair for social…

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ASMP Canon Business Series: Licensing and Copyright – A Conversation – Video

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Wednesday September 30 Join ASMP Member and lifestyle photographer Inti St. Clair and ASMP General Counsel Thomas Maddrey for a conversation about licensing, copyright, and how to make sure you and your clients are on the same page about the future.  Drawing from her work with advertising clients such as Alaska Airlines, Google, T-Mobile and more, and editorial clients such as Conde Nast, Scholastic, and Modern Luxury among others, Inti will relate the strategies and...
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ASMP & NPPA Present: “The Movement – Photographs of the Racial Justice Protests for Black Lives” – Video

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Akili Ramsess, Executive Director of the National Press Photographers Association moderated an all black panel for ASMP & NPPA’s “The Movement: Photographs of the Racial Justice Protests for Black Lives.” Maia Booker (Senior Multimedia Editor at TIME) Marcia Allert (Director of Photography at The Dallas Morning News) and photographers Yoshi James, Tara Pixley, Michael Santiago and Malike Sidibe join her. This panel of thought leaders and frontline photographers brings their insight to the discussion about...
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Legal Clinics (Free and For Purchase)

Legal Clinic #4: Photographers, Assistants, Employees and Contractors (February 2020)

ASMP General Counsel Thomas Maddrey discusses California law AB5, and helps photographers who are employers determine what laws they need to be aware of, and what traps they need to avoid.

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Legal Clinic #3: Rights of Privacy and Publicity for Photographers (January 2020)

Every professional photographer knows about copyright, but many are not well versed in how the rights of privacy and publicity can have an effect on what you are paid, and when your client or subject can exert control over the images you create. Intertwined with these rights are model releases, and we will discuss how to draft a protective release and how recent advances in technology have changed the landscape for releases of all types.

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Legal Clinic #2: How to Write a License Agreement That is Effective (December 2019)

So often, photographers have been using the same licensing agreements that were handed down to them years past. Unfortunately, many of these agreements are not going to count when it matters. In this session, we will review what needs to be in your license agreements to be effective, what cannot be in there, and how to write a license that will stand up to scrutiny by your client and the courts. This session will also include how best to get your client on board with your agreements, and when licensing might not be the best option.

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Legal Clinic #1: What Photographers Need to Know About Copyright (November 2019)

In the last year, the Copyright Office and the courts have altered multiple requirements and standards that directly affect photographers. In this session, you will receive up to date info on copyright basics, registration tips, how to use the new spreadsheet and group applications required by the Copyright Office, and much more. This nuts-and-bolts webinar will get you up to speed on what, where, when, and how to register your copyrights, and why that is so vital.

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Webinar Video Archives (Member Only)

ASMP Member Only Webinar Archives includes webinar video private URLs for previously recorded webinars held in 2019 and earlier.

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