The Future of Art and Commerce

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The Future of Art & Commerce

What Everyone Should Know About Copyright with Susan Carr and Richard Kelly

This webinar provides users and creators of visual content with a basic understanding of copyright, including the history of copyright law and how current laws affect the use of visual content. With an emphasis on considerations specifically related to copyright in the digital age, it provides an overview of solutions pioneered by organizations such as Creative Commons, CCC, PLUS and Public Knowledge, as well as tips for identifying creators of unattributed works.

Registering Copyrights in the U.S. with Jim Cavanaugh

This program explains what copyright registration is and why it’s important for both users and creators of visual content to make sure the works are properly registered. It provides best practices for registration and outlines the different categories of registration typically used for visual works. A separate podcast available here walks you through using eCO, the Copyright Office’s online registration system.

Understanding Fair Use with Fred Haber & Victor Perlman

The legal counsels for CCC and ASMP provide an in-depth explanation of how the Fair Use Doctrine is applied in the United States, including the factors considered when determining if a specific instance qualifies as a fair use, case studies showing how the courts interpret this doctrine, and common misunderstandings of what qualifies as fair use.

What Everyone Should Know About Licensing with Susan Carr

A comprehensive overview of licensing for creators and users of visual works, this webinar includes detailed explanations of the categories of use that can be licensed, the relationship between usage and compensation, the pros and cons of Creative Commons licenses, and the difference between unlimited rights licenses, Work Made For Hire agreements and Copyright Transfers.

How to Write (and Read) Licenses with Jeff Sedlik
This webinar provides a step-by-step review of each of the components that all licenses should address and explains how users and creators can simplify the licensing process by using standardized terms organized in a list format. It includes an explanation of how the Picture Licensing Universal System’s glossary and license registry can facilitate the licensing process.

Examining Compensation Models for Visual Content with Eugene Mopsik, Michael Bilbrey and Joe Wikert; moderated by Chris Kenneally

Three industry professionals representing creators, advertising agencies and publishers respectively discuss how digital distribution has affected compensation models and business practices for creators, users and distributors of visual content.

Alternate Approaches to Reusing/Relicensing Existing Visual Content with Patrick Donehue and Allan Murabayashi; moderated by Judy Herrmann

Two stock industry experts explore the distribution models available to creators and users of stock imagery, the shifting role of large stock image distributors and the resulting changes in user and creator responsibilities.

License Tracking: Systems & Technologies with Roger Feldman, Linda Burman and Leila Boujnane; moderated by Judy Herrmann

Following brief presentations on the Picture Licensing Universal System (PLUS) License Registry and other licensing tools, Digital Asset Management Systems and Image Recognition and Search technologies, expert panelists answer questions and explain how these three tools can be used to track license expirations and other restrictions, and connect license and ownership information to individual images.

The Future of Licensing with Eugene Mopsik, Frederic Haber and Henry Oh; moderated by Richard Kelly

Three copyright and licensing experts with differing backgrounds and perspectives speak candidly about how the licensing model is changing in response to the democratization of image creation, the shift from print to electronic media, the influx of non-professional buyers now using imagery for commercial purposes and the difficulties of determining and tracking how images will be used and distributed.

(re)Imagining the Future with Tom Kennedy, Robert Levine, Rob Haggart and Judy Herrmann, moderated by Richard Kelly

Full of thought-provoking insights into the challenges and opportunities available today, this wide-ranging conversation between five industry experts explores the changing roles of professional and amateur visual content creators, publishers, distributors and their audiences.