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Photo courtesy ASMP member Andy Batt

Video Tutorial: Insurance

Initial Report on Insuring Video Productions Under the Current ASMP Prosurance for Still Photographers

A solution provided by Scott Taylor of Taylor & Taylor Insurance

The ASMP Prosurance policy is not intended to cover video productions. Video productions are normally underwritten using a different rating structure and policy format.

After discussing the need for an insurance solution that allows still photographers to transition from still photography to the video and digital formats, Scott Taylor of Taylor & Taylor has been able to negotiate such a solution with Fireman’s Fund, the insurance carrier that underwrites the ASMP Prosurance Plan.

If a video production takes place under the standard still photographer policy, and a claim is submitted and paid, the policy will likely be non-renewedbecause the underwriter will become aware of this different exposure.

  • Coverage can be added to your existing ASMP Prosurance policy for video shoots that have production expenses not exceeding $25,000 for any single job and $100,000 in total video production expenses for your policy term. Expenses include equipment rentals, travel, locations, crew, and general costs and expenses. (If creative fees and talent costs are paid directly by the client these cost should not be included in the $25,000 dollar amount.)
  • The cost for this rider would be an additional $250 to $340 per job (depending on the total expenses of the job) and your policy can be endorsed to include up to four (4) jobs per year.
  • The deductible will be increased to $1500 per claim for claims arising during a video shoot (even if still photography equipment is damaged).

This solution enables ASMP members to transition from still shoots to video shoots and provides an additional member benefit as a member of ASMP.

Taylor & Taylor and Fireman’s Fund are preeminent writers of video producers and can respond to member needs whether they are doing still shoots only, video shoots only, or a combination of the two. Photographers who have a greater frequency of video productions or productions with a cost in excess of $25,000 for a single job should purchase an insurance program designed specifically for this type of work. Taylor & Taylor and Fireman’s Fund can offer a policy that will meet your needs.