Change Order Form

In the sample form below, the text in italic is a description of what information you should put in each location. An estimate is always specific to each job, so you should view this as a checklist or crib-sheet rather than absolute instructions.

Put your name and contact information at the top of the page. A logo is good to use for a professional look, but make sure your name, address, phone, email, and web site are clearly visible.




Job Number/Purchase Order:

Assignment Description: Prior to starting an assignment, prepare an electronic version of this change order form with the agreed upon job description in this space.

Description of Change(s): Be as detailed as possible, carefully describing the nature and the reason for the change. For example, Per clients request, photographer will take four variations,rather than the estimated three, of the conference room meeting set-up.

Additional Fees:

Additional Expenses:

This confirms acceptance of the outlined changes in this assignment.




Subject to the License, Terms and Conditions of the Assignment Confirmation and/or Estimate.