Real World Pricing and Negotiating

plus Group Website Critiques and Extended Q&A

Changes in how photography is licensed and used have left even veteran photographers scrambling to calculate the true market value of their work. With prices all over the map, how do you figure out what to charge?

In this practical and incisive interactive seminar, Bill Cramer draws on his experiences as a photographer and founder of Wonderful Machine to help photographers answer this critical question. Using real negotiations, estimates and invoices from real photographers and real projects, Bill walks you through the process of identifying key negotiation points, leveraging opportunities to showcase your value, and calculating what the market will bear.

Group Website Critiques

Using knowledge gleaned from countless portfolio and website reviews for Wonderful Machine photographers, Bill provides candid and insightful feedback on photographers’ websites. A limited number of attendees will get direct feedback on their sites* but everyone who shares in the discussion will get unprecedented insights into what makes (or breaks) an effective website presentation. From image selection and sequencing to gallery organization and navigation, Bill will help you hone the most important tool in your branding and marketing arsenal!

*When you register using the link below, be sure to complete the Website submission form to have your website considered for review! There is no extra cost but, due to limited time, we cannot guarantee that every site submitted will be reviewed.

Extended Q&A Session

Want Bill’s feedback on an estimate you’re working on or didn’t get?* Need help negotiating with a difficult client? Struggling with any aspect of pricing or negotiating? Bring your questions to our optional extended Q&A session following Real World Pricing & Negotiating.

*For Bill to give feedback on an existing job or estimate, you must email all relevant emails and paperwork (with private information redacted) at least 48 hours before the event. Be sure to put “ASMP Seminar” and the city name in the subject line.


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The Speaker

Bill Cramer is founder and CEO of Wonderful Machine, a curated directory of high-quality photographers serving commercial and editorial clients worldwide. He is also an accomplished photographer in his own right, specializing in environmental portraiture for a wide range of corporate, editorial and advertising clients including Forbes, BBDO, Comcast and Accenture.

In 2007, seeing an opportunity to build a better mouse trap, Bill created Wonderful Machine as a “source book on steroids.” In addition to providing clients with an eclectic selection of photographers from around the world, Wonderful Machine aggressively promotes those photographers using email campaigns, print mailers, web ads, social media, publicity, phone calls, and portfolio events. Wonderful Machine also offers photographers a host of consulting services including help with estimates, production, web design, photo editing and more. The staff members frequently participate in industry events and contribute a popular monthly column on Pricing & Negotiating for Wonderful Machine currently works with over 600 photographers in 50 countries.