Licensing Guide: Stock Example – Reprints and Online Rights

Stock Example

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Bruce Kluckhohn —

Bruce Kluckhohn specializes in people in places, making the most of the environment to create beautiful portaits, using his story-telling vision to capture images that convey the moment, whether it be a smile, an emotion, or a moment. He really loves to make beautful photographs.


Stock license — reprints and online rights

This began as a straightforward assignment: Go on location and capture some action images for a magazine article. Through a different company, I licensed the rights to run off 1,000 reprints, charging $800 for the print rights and $100 for online rights. A year later, the reprint company got an order for more reprints and came back to me for the additional rights. This invoice represents that second run.


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Description / Rights Granted / Usage: Additonal 500 Reprints from Geology Field Trip story in at Carleton College on Carleton’s female graduate success for Carleton college’s use, plus additional online PDF use, 1 year.
Date of Service:
  Fee: $450.00
  Additional PDF use: $75.00
Subtotal: $525.00
MN Sales Tax:
City Tax:
Total: $525.00

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