Ads for Specialty Clothing – Chris Crumley

Commercial Example

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Chris Crumley —

My specialty, nationally and internationally, is Wet/Underwater Advertising work. But I also need to work locally and regionally, so there I’m a generalist. My portfolios tell that story. Five years ago I transitioned away from Editorial. Most magazines are now part of huge publisher empires and most of their contracts and rates don’t work for me.

Advertising Photos of Specialty Clothing

For this assignment, all the interesting information is in the estimate, which is quite detailed — really a project proposal, complete with a set of terms and conditions. This is where you will find breakouts and justifications of all the cost components. The invoice, when you get to it, merely states the amount that was actually billed.

Studio photography of for print ads, catalog, web and other usage.Invoice terms: Upon presentation of invoice and delivery of finished image files or within 30 days of delivery of Proof images, whichever occurs first. A payment advance of 25% of the quote/estimate.
ESTIMATE SUBTOTAL (Group 1) $8,025.00
ESTIMATE SUBTOTAL (Group 2) 4,175.00
VA Sales Tax @5% 610.00
Creative/Photography Fees
    Creative and Usage Fees: Group (1) $7,000.00
    Creative and Usage Fees: Group (2) 3,000.00
Creative and Usage Fees includes studio still photography to produce images of for use in print advertising, catalog, web and other uses. Deliverables are approximately 12 images with different lighting, different angles and different backgrounds (white and black).


The images are to be created in two batches in two sessions:

(1) the highest priority are the images of Level X and Y pieces on a live model to be used for advertising.

(2) the lower priority images of the pieces on body forms.

The group (1) items on the live model are to be shot on both white and black backgrounds so has options for print ad production on newsprint or finer surface papers. This session will need some time at startup to arrive at the “look” desired by the Marketing Director, in particular, the light direction and falloff with a black background. It is desired to shoot this from three angles: straight on, camera angled up and camera angled down. With black and white backgrounds. And, front and back. About 12 image files.

The group (2) items will be on body forms to show the back of collars on tops and back of waists on bottoms. Again, front and back views; shoot from a single level. Product is (Levels Q-V) (12 pieces).

Usage includes an unlimited use time period, unlimited categories of use of the selected deliverable images for .

Usage by companies/entities other than the Client for any use beyond the scope of the statement above requires specific permission and may require an additional usage fee payment.

Photographer retains self-promotion rights.

All film/digital images are copyrighted by the photographer. For protection of the photographer and the client, images are promptly registered by electronic transfer with the U.S. Copyright office in Washington, DC. No images produced in this project are in the public domain.

Client proofs are delivered via private on-line image proof galleries which may be viewed by multiple people in multiple locations (worldwide 24/7) as the Client desires. The proof galleries are typically on-line within 24 hours of shooting. Examples of the Photographer’s presentation method of Client Proofs may be seen at these links:

Image files for production will be produced with high end digital systems (Medium-Format Digital Back-MFDB 39 mega pixel or Digital Single Lens Reflex-DSLR 16.7 mega pixel formats) to produce files suitable for Client high resolution use from small to large sizes.

Work will be done in a 1,000+ sq.ft studio in Virginia Beach equipped with a 12x16x10 cyclorama, extensive lighting systems, cameras tethered to current generation computers with 20″ monitor to allow crew viewing the high resolution image files are they are produced. Files are backed up during production for safety.

Understanding that photography is a subjective and artistic endeavor, if no client representative is present at the shoot to approve shooting angles, elevation and light, Photographer’s interpretation and execution of the assignment will be deemed acceptable.

All estimated fees and expenses apply only to the original job description and usage rights as specified on this form. Any deviation from the estimate in this document involving extra time or costs will become an extra charge over and above the estimate. This includes changes in the assignment, subject matter, locations, or absence of the client making appropriate and necessary arrangements.

For Photographer to accept assignment and begin pre-production, acceptance by the Client is required in writing.

Balance is due upon receipt of invoice. Reproduction rights are granted only upon full payment of invoice for the work.

All expense estimates are subject to normal trade variance of 10%.

Other charges are itemized below.

Production Fees:
Pre-Production Fee: .5 day(s) @ $500/day .NC
Casting Fee: 0 day(s) @$500/day .00
Underwater Fee (Air/Tanks/Cleaning) 0 Day(s) @$200/day .00
Weather Days: 0 day(s) @ $500/day .00
Weather days are billed at 100% of hard costs and 50% of crew fees. Other cancellations or postponements within 72 hours of the scheduled shoot will be billed at 25% of photographer’s and crew’s fee and expenses plus all expenses incurred. Where the shoot is local and no talent or other scheduled services are needed, a weather day will not keep us from working; there will be no weather-related expenses.
Travel Time: 0 day(s) @ $500/day .00
Production Crew
Producer – Days or Contract Fees .00
Assistant/Grip Fee: 2 day(s) @ $175/day 350.00
Location Scouting: .00
Hair/Make-up/Grooming: .00
Manicurist Fee: .00
Stylist Fee: .00
Studio & Equipment
Studio/Location Rental: 2 day(s) @ $300/day .NC
Pool/Tank Usage: 0 day(s) @ $300/day .00
Pool Usage Fees is $300/day to cover the cost of the pool and preparation of pool, water clarity, temperature and PH for shoot day(s). This charge is waived with a Purchase Order for five shooting days over a 12-month period from the date of the first day of shooting following Purchase Order Date. The five shooting days can be pool, location and/or studio for all client products.
Studio Supplies: .NC
Equipment Rental: (i.e. lifts, water truck, unusual expensive items) .NC
Studio Cyc Paint (Labor & Materials; new color; back to white): .00
Post Production
Post Production Computer Work: 0 hour(s) @ $125/hour: .00
Basic clean-up of the select image frames is included in the Digital Capture/Processing charges including digital sensor artifact removal, minor dots and spots on product and minor skin blemishes on models.
Stock Photography
Stock Images from existing files .00
Expense Reimbursement
Craft Services/Catering – 2 day(s) @ $50 per day: 100.00
Mobile Home Rental (Wardrobe/Changing) .00
Grip Truck Rental .00
Wardrobe: (Client Provided) .00
Insurance: .00
Automobile Mileage – 0 miles @ .55 per mile: .00
Lodging .00
Meals/Per Diem: 0 day(s) @ 50.00 per day: .00
Model Fees: (Client Staff) .00
Model Lodging/Meals: .00
35mm: 0 rolls @ $25.00 each: .00
120: 0 rolls @ $17.50 each .00
220: 0 rolls @ $35.00 each: .00
0 @ $2.00 each: .00
Digital Capture/Processing:
400 frames @ $1.00/frame (Group 1 and 2) 400.00
12 digital RAW Processing @ @50.00/image (Group 1) 600.00
15 digital RAW Processing @ $50.00/image (Group 2) 750.00
Cove Paint Materials .00
8.5×11″ Color Prints 0 @ $25.00/each .00
CD Burning 0 @ $15.00 each .00
DVD Burning 0 @ $25.00 each (Expect to use on-line delivery) .00
Film & Processing charges include cost of film and shipping/courier/pickup/delivery charges, storage and loss from out-dating, emulsion testing, clip/snip processing, push/pull processing, editing, sleeving and other film-associated costs.


Digital Capture & Processing charges include use of high-end digital camera(s) and media, downloading to computer, creating backups, converting camera images to storage images with rotation, image number revisions and basic global image corrections necessary, loading to catalog/contact sheets/uploading to web/other media suitable for client viewing, outputting catalog for client viewing and other digital backend processes.


Detail revisions to digital-capture images (as would be done post-scanning of film) is separate and would be authorized by Client and billed separately.


This estimate expires 60 days from estimate date.


This proposal is done in a complete form so client is aware that all items in a typical commercial or advertising shoot have been considered and priced before the job is awarded and the shoot begins.

Note digital capture and processing items. While the digital charges in this estimate/proposal are monetarily approximately what film & processing charges would be for the same job, the client and/or design agency will have production files and may begin design work within hours after the shoot. The time required for transportation to/from, actual film lab processing and snip/clip evaluations/re-processing are completely eliminated.

In addition, significant charges for drum scanning of selected images and the attendant time delay of the scanning step are completely eliminated.

Prices in this proposal should be compared to a film shoot proposal plus drum scanning cost and extended production times.


Studio photography of for print ads, catalog, web and other usage. Details in Quote sent previously.
Live Model Segment $8,025.00
Body Form Segment $4,175.00
VA Sales Tax @5% 610.00
Less deposit amount 3,200.00
Balance due $9,610.00

ASMP is not responsible for any of the specific content of the material provided by individual photographers for the ASMP Paperwork Share.