Licensing Guide: Commercial Example – Digital Addendum

Commercial Example

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Addendum To Terms And Conditions

Digital capture and file management practices with Photography




A CD or DVD of all the digital captures from your shoot will be delivered for editing as approximately 680 x 510 pixel jpgs. They are usually formatted into “web galleries” which function as a scrollable on-screen contact sheet. The color and sharpness of these jpgs are not as accurate as the final, processed files we will deliver. We can also post these web galleries to our server for you and your client to review.


We prefer to receive your order for files-to-process as a written document. Our email address is Normal turnaround is 3 business days from receipt of your order to delivery. Let’s call these selected files the “keepers”.


Normally, “keepers” are processed up to 64mb 8 bit Adobe 1998 RGB TIF format. At 300dpi, this size file would produce an approximate 18” x 13.5” image. There are occasions when we shoot smaller files or choose to process to smaller file size; these options may be discussed.


Please regard the media on which “keeper” files are delivered in a similar fashion as you would original film. Though digital files are simpler to copy than film, similar care should be exercised to protect the media and therefore, integrity of the delivered files.


After delivery of the “keepers”, we will hold the balance of your unselected, unprocessed digital captures (let’s call these the “leftovers”) along with the “keepers” on easily accessible hard drives for a period of 10 business days. Unless we receive written instruction otherwise, ALL the captures will be deleted from hard drives at that time.


Once removed from hard drives, the “leftovers” will be stored on DLT tape for a period of 30 days. DLT tape is a reliable storage medium that we maintain in a fire-resistant and humidity-controlled safe in our studio. Barring Acts of God, this is the best on-site storage we can offer, but it is not guaranteed. After this 30 day period, we reserve the right to delete the balance of your “leftovers” from DLT tape.


We must receive, in writing, your request to maintain any “leftovers” beyond that 30-day period. This request may carry an additional cost, to be discussed.


A retrieval fee of $50 minimum will be charged to pull any file off DLT tape storage. If the file requires processing, the normal charge of $15-20 per file to process, plus media and delivery will be billed. Turnaround time for retrieval or retrieval and processing of files from DLT tape is normally 5 business days from order to delivery.


“Keeper” files will be stored on DLT tape internally for a complimentary period of one (1) year from last date of delivery, unless otherwise specified in writing.


If you want your “keeper” and/or “leftover” files to be guaranteed available for a specified time in the future, we will be happy to discuss the options.


ASMP is not responsible for any of the specific content of the material provided by individual photographers for the ASMP Paperwork Share.