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Due to anti-trust laws, ASMP cannot set or suggest prices, but we can share information provided to us by our generous members. The ASMP Paperwork Share provides a look at the terms, licenses and pricing details of actual jobs.

Colleen Woolpert —

Colleen Woolpert Photography specializes in editorial, fine art, stock, wedding, event, portrait, and advertising photography. Colleen Woolpert is a 2005 PDN Top Knots winner and a recommended vendor in the five-star directory ofgrace ormonde Wedding Style magazine.

Retail photography — Wedding

With wedding photography, your customers want upbeat, memorable images and lots of prints to send to all the friends and relatives. But they are also under a bit of stress, both emotional and financial. It is therefore important to be totally upfront about your terms of business, the services and the rights that are and aren’t part of the deal. It is often helpful to provide a number of options for services and prices, which can give the customer a sense of control, at a time when everything else seems out of control.

Colleen’s contract for wedding photography starts out with the terms of service, placing the prices and options on the last page. The contract covers most of the same issues as her commercial boilerplate, but avoids looking like “legalese.” A cover letter also states the key payment terms in a friendly way.

Cover letter


It was so great to catch up with you.

Attached please find my contract and price list. I’ve also included a sheet called “Photography Services” to help figure costs. Travel will be billed 1½ months prior to the wedding. At this point, I don’t think I’ll require accommodations as I have close friends to stay with. However, I won’t be certain whether I can stay with them until closer to your wedding date, so you may also need to arrange my accommodations for the night prior to the wedding and the wedding night.

To secure my services, print two copies of the contract, initial each page and sign the last page, then mail both to me along with a retainer for the shooting fee (if paying by check or money order; otherwise call me with your credit card #). I will then sign both contracts and return one to you for your records. The shooting fee for your wedding is $3500. The retainer is $1167. If paying by credit card, I’ll waive the processing fee if the retainer is paid by May 8th, otherwise a 4% processing fee applies to credit card payments toward the wedding.

If you’d like to view my sample albums, please visit this link: Again, I will extend the 10% album discount to you until our first meeting in person, should you need additional time to consider the albums. Albums can be ordered any time before or after the wedding.

I look forward to meeting with you both in a month or whenever we can get together. I’m so excited to be working with you, and I’m happy for the love you’ve found in each other.

Warm Regards,


This agreement is between Colleen Woolpert Photography (hereafter referred to as “CWP”) and (hereafter referred to as “Client”), relating to his/her wedding on the date and at the location stated above.

Description of services: The parties agree that CWP will provide shooting fee services as described below plus additional services as itemized in the attached schedule for this contract.

Shooting fee: The shooting fee includes detailed research and information gathering prior to the wedding; attendance at the rehearsal (no photographic coverage at the rehearsal unless ordered separately); wedding day photography — digital capture in both color and black&white, CWP’s artful and unobtrusive style, posed portraits as requested; post-processing of each image; one assistant.

The shooting fee also includes proofs available 4-6 weeks after the wedding. Proofs are given in two forms: An online presentation, viewable for one year, at and an image catalogue (a bound book of the images).

The shooting fee shall be paid in three equal installments as follows:
1/3 Retainer with the signing of this contract
1/3 Second Payment one month before the wedding
1/3 Final Payment at the rehearsal or the day before the wedding, whichever comes sooner.

Travel: Travel is billed for weddings beyond 50 miles of Red Bank, New Jersey. Travel fees are .40/mile if photographer travels by car or actual cost if airfare, rental car, or other transportation is required. As CWP generally works with an assistant, travel expenses for the assistant may also be applicable. Travel fees vary per wedding. The Client arranges accommodations, when necessary. Travel is arranged by CWP. Travel expenses are billed 1½ months before the wedding and are payable with the second payment, one month prior to the wedding date.

Albums & products: Albums may be ordered at any time before or after the wedding. Album design will be done by CWP using the Client’s selections. For albums ordered with the signing of this contract or at any time before the wedding, clients must submit their list of images within 12 months of placing their album order. If the list of album images is not submitted during this period, Client’s album order will be cancelled with no refund given for prepayment of album. If Client cancels their album order within the specified timetables above, CWP will refund half of the album price if CWP has not commenced design. If album design has commenced, no refund will be given for album order cancellations.

Custom albums will be delivered within 6 months of receiving Client’s image selections; non-custom albums will be delivered within 3 months of receiving Client’s image selections. CWP will, at Client’s request, provide layouts for Client review during the design process. Client may make up to three changes without any charges. Additional changes are available for $60/hour.

Album orders may not be downgraded, however Client may decide during image selection to upgrade to a larger album or to add pages to the existing album. If upgrading, Client will be charged the difference between the upgraded album and the album they’ve previously ordered.

Albums, reprints, and other product orders are payable in full upon order placement, with these exceptions:

  1. Albums ordered with the signing of this contract are discounted 10% are are payable in three installments along with the three shooting fee payments.
  2. Custom 12 x 12 Books are payable in two equal installments: half the balance is due upon order placement and the remaining half is due upon delivery (C.O.D.).


Cancellation: In the event of cancellation of wedding photography services with CWP, all album fees received by CWP will be refunded. Travel fees are refundable only if CWP has not yet incurred travel expenses. The retainer is not refunded or refundable.

Federal copyright laws: CWP owns all copyrights for any and all images produced in connection with this contract, including the exclusive right to reproduce or publicly display such images. As author of all images made hereunder and as provided by law, CWP shall retain the copyrights in perpetuity, regardless of possession or ownership of photographs, digital files, or any other format of reproduction.

Permitted uses: CWP and Client shall have the right to use images as follows:

Use by CWP: Client recognizes and agrees that CWP may reproduce, publish, exhibit and otherwise use any images created hereunder, without specific identification of persons or events, for the purpose of creating album and portfolio samples, displaying samples of CWP’s work on websites, entry in photographic exhibitions and contests, editorial submissions and editorial publication, art sales, and general display for CWP’s promotion. If CWP desires to make other uses, CWP shall not do so without first obtaining the written permission of Client. Client agrees to hold CWP harmless against any and all claims arising from any published images.

Use by Client: We understand that all images created by CWP are copyrighted, and may not be copied in any manner (including but not limited to scanning, photocopying, delivering to a photo lab for copying, use on greeting cards, etc.), downloaded from the web or used for commercial purposes. Client may order image products (reprints, enlargements, CDs, cards, etc.) only from CWP, and use those products for personal use only. CWP authorizes Client to reproduce one print for the sole purpose of creating a newspaper announcement of the wedding.

Exclusive photographer: CWP and anyone working under CWP shall be the exclusive photographer retained by the Client for the purpose of photographing the wedding. Family and friends of the Client shall be permitted to photograph the wedding as long as they shall not interfere with CWP’s duties. CWP will not be responsible for any photographs ruined or not achieved due to the interference of others.

Client responsibility: Client is to provide CWP with a completed Wedding Details form (provided by CWP), a map to all locations, emergency phone numbers, an itinerary of the wedding day, specific photo requests and any additional information that the Client has put together for the wedding, no later than two weeks before the wedding. Other than the list of posed portraits in the Wedding Details form and special photo requests, all images will be taken at CWP’s professional discretion. CWP will not be held accountable for missed or inadequate photographs based on the following: Client and/or Client’s family members running late; illness of Client or others; Client or others delayed due to traffic; poor planning on the part of Client or vendors; failure to provide an itinerary to CWP; or providing an inaccurate itinerary to CWP.

Guarantees: CWP will provide services as defined above under “Shooting fee” and on the attached schedule. Photographic services do not include any promise, expectation, warranty or guarantee that any specific moment, action, event or person will be photographed in any way other than the sole judgment of CWP. Special request for certain images, although attempted by CWP, carry no guarantee, expressed or implied, that the resulting image will be satisfactory to client. Client waives all right to pass judgment on the service performed due to content, style, lighting, contrast, and other elements generally referred to as content.

Liability: CWP takes utmost care with respect to the exposure, processing and delivery of photographic products and services ordered. In the event that this order cannot be completed due to an Act of God, strikes or other labor disturbances, severe weather, riots or civil disturbance, action or regulation by any local, state or Federal government unit or agency; any event considered a “force majeure”; or any other event or act outside the control of CWP, including but not limited to: equipment failure, auto accident, and sickness, Client agrees to hold CWP harmless for any damages, causes of action or claims arising out of non-performance. CWP’s liability to Client shall be limited to the refund of fees or rescheduling at the photographer’s availability.

In the unlikely event of personal illness or other circumstances beyond the control of CWP, a substitute photographer may be hired by CWP to fulfill the obligations of this contract. CWP will make every effort and incur the cost in providing a photographer of equivalent experience and ability to fulfill this contract.

Inherent qualities: Client is aware that color dyes in photography may fade or discolor over time due to the inherent qualities of dyes, and Client releases CWP from any liability for any claims whatsoever based upon fading or discoloration due to such inherent qualities.

Governing law: This agreement shall be deemed to be a contract made under the laws of the United States of America and the State of New Jersey and for all purposes shall be interpreted in its entirety in accordance with these laws. Client specifically and irrevocably confers personal jurisdiction over it by the courts of the State of New Jersey or the United States District Court for the District of the State of New Jersey. Client specifically waives all rights to contest each court proceeding on the grounds of personal jurisdiction, venue and forum non-convenience.


Shooting Fee

Photography coverage begins at 5 pm and ends at 12 midnight
Total hours of photography coverage 7 hours

Shooting Fee Total 3500.00


Albums Total                  
Less 10% discount                  

Albums Grand Total                  

Shooting fee total + Albums grand total =       3500.00      

Shooting fee:
Wedding day photography — 7 hours
Image catalogue
Online viewing and print ordering
3500.00 3500.00
Total $3,500.00

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