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Colleen Woolpert —

Colleen Woolpert Photography specializes in editorial, fine art, stock, wedding, event, portrait, and advertising photography. Colleen Woolpert is a 2005 PDN Top Knots winner and a recommended vendor in the five-star directory ofgrace ormonde Wedding Style magazine.

Vendor Use of Wedding Images

“In the wedding business, vendors help each other out, as it benefits all parties. It is especially beneficial to the photographer if he/she is on the recommended vendor list at a venue or with an independent wedding planner, as couples will choose their venue and/or wedding planner first and then look for a photographer, dj, etc. When I’m shooting a wedding, I am often approached by vendors who ask if they can see the images that I shot. I collect the business cards of these vendors and then contact them once the event goes online. If they want to use the images to promote their venue or business, I have them sign a vendor usage agreement that essentially states that they can use the images to promote their wedding-related business provided they put photo credit next to the images. If the usage is for web, they must also provide a live link to my website.”

“For years, as a by-the-book ASMP-er, I struggled with this situation. If a vendor wants to use my images to promote their business, it seemed ridiculous not to charge them. But the wedding business has its own rules. The primary objective is to get clients, and the more your name is seen — attached to images on vendor websites or vendor brochures, on a list of recommended vendors, with a published wedding story in a magazine — the more calls you’ll get. Word of mouth is so important, so making a good impression with other service providers means that your name is mentioned first when clients ask for a good photographer.”

“In 2004, I shot a wedding on the Tall Ship Manitou in Traverse City, Michigan. After the wedding, I was contacted by the manager of the Traverse Tall Ship Co. LLC, who was impressed with many of the wedding images he saw online and asked if he could use one for their website. I provided him with an image in exchange for photo credit and a live link to my website. Now, three years later, I am still receiving inquiries from couples planning weddings on the Tall Ship Manitou. I don’t know if these couples contact me because they see my name next to the image on the website or if the manager has recommended me, but in either case I’m pleased.”

Terms and Conditions. Notwithstanding the above observations, Colleen sends the vendor a pro-forma invoice for use of images and puts her standard Terms & Conditions on the back.

Cover sheet
I acknowledge receipt of these images from Colleen Woolpert Photography. These images shall be used for promotion of vendor services only and will be reproduced in the following media (i.e. online, print. If online, please list website url) _____________________________________.

Photo credit will be placed next to each image as follows:
© Colleen Woolpert /
In exchange for photo credit next to each image in the manner stated above, and the usage of these images for promotion of vendor services only, no fees are due. However, additional usage shall require written permission from Colleen Woolpert.

Vendor Usage Agreement
Assignment Description Wedding 9/26/06
Usage Specifications
The following images may be used on the website for an unlimited number of years if usage fees are met:
Woolpert_060916_5136, Woolpert_060916_5168, Woolpert_060916_5189, Woolpert_060916_5296, Woolpert_060916_5302, Woolpert_060916_5377, Woolpert_060916_5395, Woolpert_060916_5440, Woolpert_060916_5588, Woolpert_060916_5754, Woolpert_060916_5948, Woolpert_060916_6026, Woolpert_060916_6030, Woolpert_060916_6043, Woolpert_060916_6055, Woolpert_060916_6136, Woolpert_060916_6139, Woolpert_060916_6237, Woolpert_060916_6238, Woolpert_060916_6307, Woolpert_060916_6424, Woolpert_060916_6508, Woolpert_060916_6559The following images may be used in a brochure for an unlimited number of years if usage fees are met: Woolpert_060916_5395, Woolpert_060916_5754
Usage Fee
For website usage, credit must be given next to a single image or next to a group of images in the following manner: © Colleen Woolpert Photography. Additionally, a live link to must be provided after the copyright notice. If credit is provided in this manner, no additional fees are due.For brochure usage, credit must be written alongside each image in the following manner: © Colleen Woolpert / If credit is provided in this manner, no additional fees are due.
Total $0

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