U.S. Publisher – Dwight Cendrowski

Editorial Example

Due to anti-trust laws, ASMP cannot set or suggest prices, but we can share information provided to us by our generous members. The ASMP Paperwork Share provides a look at the terms, licenses and pricing details of actual jobs.

Dwight Cendrowski — www.cendrowski.com

People, product and places photographer and writer for corporate and editorial clients. In business for over 20 years, Dwight recently added digital video to the services he offers.

Editorial Assignment for US Company

Fee and expenses are rolled together. The estimate and invoice have the name numbers, so only the invoice is shown below.

Terms and Conditions. In addition to the formal boilerplate Terms & Conditions preprinted on the back of all invoice and estimate forms, Dwight includes the following statement on the front side of the forms, near the total price:

To provide clients with the best service at reasonable fees we license the use of images: The fee depends on:
1. Photos used for only that specified above.
2. Copyright notice adjacent to published editorial use
© 2006 Dwight Cendrowski
3. Supplying three free copies of each printed use.
4. Negotiation of additional use fees.

Description / Rights Granted / Usage
Images below licensed for use by on behalf of and magazine. First, international print rights for inside pages, plus web use and promotional/reprint rights for one (1) year. If a photo is elected for cover use, additional compensation will be negotiated. All other rights are reserved, and must be negotiated with Photographer before use. Any information about client or publisher learned during completion of assignment will be kept strictly confidential. Include photo credit and provide Photographer three copies of printed pieces. License is granted contingent on payment in full as per terms. Copyright remains exclusive property of Photographer.
Creative fees: (Incorporate usage, shoot time, travel)
Color digital photography of , and at headquarters in Detroit, Michigan. Group shot plus individuals, both vertical and horizontal. All images posted to web gallery for review on Friday, July 20. Chosen image(s) to be processed as below and delivered digitally. Note: Fee is inclusive of all expenses.
Total fees: $1300.00
Production charges:
Digital media capture fee
Post production digital services including raw file conversion, web gallery; color correction, curves/level adjustment, retouching, cropping, and digital delivery of chosen image(s).
Misc prod charges, mileage, delivery
NOTE: all production charges included in fee above
Total prod charges: Included
Total fees and prod charges:
>>>>>>>> BALANCE DUE:Payment due
August 10


ASMP is not responsible for any of the specific content of the material provided by individual photographers for the ASMP Paperwork Share.