Field Trip – Bruce Kluckhohn

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Bruce Kluckhohn —

Bruce Kluckhohn specializes in people in places, making the most of the environment to create beautiful portaits, using his story-telling vision to capture images that convey the moment, whether it be a smile, an emotion, or a moment. He really loves to make beautful photographs.

Editorial job — documenting a field trip

This was a straightforward assignment — go on location and capture some action images for a trade newspaper article — from a client with whom I have worked for years. I obtained additional stock-licensing revenue from reprints and online rights for the article.

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Description / Rights Granted / Usage: Photographing a Geology field trip at Carleton College for a story on Carleton’s female graduate success for one-time use in .
Date of Service: 4-5-06
  Fee: $450.00
  Image Processing Fee: $150.00
  Mileage: $48.51
  CD: $15.00
Subtotal: $663.51
MN Sales Tax:
City Tax:
Total: $663.51

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