Architecture, Multiple Parties – Lynne Damianos

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Lynne Damianos —

Lynne has been providing design-oriented photography combined with specialized consulting services for over 25 years. Her specialties include architectural, product, and people photography with a strong emphasis on high-end digital imaging. She is also known for collaborating with other photographers to provide the best services for her clients when appropriate.


Notre Dame Academy

The scope of this project changed from one party (one client) and one site visit to two parties, three visits and more views. Therefore, the final invoices are summarized in the form of a spreadsheet showing what each client paid.


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Description / Rights Granted / Usage:
ARCHITECTURAL PHOTOGRAPHY of Notre Dame Academy in Hingham (faces E). A variety of views to be photographed digitally including the greenhouse with glass ceiling (faces NW) interior and exterior. Proofs provided via Web Gallery for final image selection(s). Final images are $60 each, $75 for architectural interiors, and include: file processing, color and perspective correction, combining of images where necessary, and basic retouching. Images to be provided as 38MB RGB TIFF files on CD. Add’l Retouching is $125/hour. Photography to include up to 6 hours on site; additional time billed at $300/hour.NOTE: Usage for multiple parties is based on adding 25% ($473.75) to photography fee of $1895, for each additional party (), and sum is then divided between all parties; CD, final images, prints etc. are additional; there is no change in rate for these items.NON-EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS GRANTED: and are licensed to use final images (not proofs) from this project for portfolio, wall decor and design competition, and may not assign or transfer this agreement or any rights contained herein. Advertising usage requires an additional fee.

COPYRIGHT CREDIT must appear as ©, with a hyperlink to this web site requested for images used on the web. Three samples of each photography use requested.Fees  1 Architectural Photography2,368.75 ea.2,368.75 *5 Digital Processing Fee(s), Standard60.00 ea.300.00 *5 Digital Processing Fee(s), Architectural Interiors75.00 ea.375.00 * 3,043.75Expenses  2 CD Media20.00 ea.40.00 *2 Web Gallery Proof Pages (<20 images) – Standard35.00 ea.70.00 *80 Miles0.58 ea.46.402 Ground Shipping & Handling9.75 ea.19.50 175.90Subtotal3,219.65Sales Tax @ 5%157.69Total Estimated Fees and Expenses$ 3,377.34* designates taxable items


Summary of Invoices
Invoice Amount Included in Estimate Above Estimate
Estimate of 9/6/06
Photography fee for two parties with one visit to NDA
5 ext & 5 int views
2 web galleries for proofing
CDs & shipping for 2 parties
Total estimate $3,377.34
Invoice of 9/15/06
Photography 9/9/06 of building exterior (front), Campus ministries, corridor, board room, 2nd floor lobby & classrooms (greenhouse & 1st floor lobby not ready for photography)
2 web galleries
Total $2,410.21 $2,410.21 $0.00
Invoice of 9/21/06
Final Images — 3 ext & *6 int
$582.75 $78.75
2 CDs & shipping $61.50
*4 Images FTP $35.00
* Retouching — shadows & fix ceiling tile in board room $77.44
Total $835.44 $644.25 $191.19
Invoice of 10/2/06 ()
*Retouching to enhance sky on exterior view, convert 9 images to sRGB color space & deliver via FTP & CD, proof sheet for color reference, and shipping
* Fee discount ($302.25)
Total $0.00 $0.00
Invoice of 11/15/06
*NDA usage for photos taken 9/9/06 per Steve Marshall request $497.44
Photos of 1st floor lobby, greenhouse exteriors on 10/31/06 $259.88 $937.78
*NDA usage for 10/31/06 photography $239.54
*Photos of greenhouse exteriors, 2nd floor greenhouse entrance, track from room, reception area on 11/10/06 $1,545.57
*NDA usage for 11/10/06 photography $309.10
*Fee discount for photography on 11/10/06 ($397.50)
*Mileage $92.80
*3 Add’l web galleries $110.15
Total $3,594.76 $259.88 $3,334.88
Invoice of 12/1/06
*Final Images — *3 ext & *2 int $63.00 $283.50
*2 CDs & shipping $61.50
Total $408.00 $63.00 $345.00
Grand totals to date $7,248.41 $3,377.34 $3,871.07
* = above scope of original estimate (tax included)

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