Architectural Assignment – James Cavanaugh

Commercial Example

Due to anti-trust laws, ASMP cannot set or suggest prices, but we can share information provided to us by our generous members. The ASMP Paperwork Share provides a look at the terms, licenses and pricing details of actual jobs.


James Cavanaugh —

Jim Cavanaugh is an architectural and aerial specialist in Western New York.


Architectural Photography for HealthNow

Jim’s estimate and invoice are identical in layout and have only small differences in language on the front of the invoice. Therefore, we will show only the estimate for this job.


In addition to the specifics for the HealthNow job, you may wish to look over Jim’s notes about his overall approach to fees and rights. As he points out, it has worked for him for more than 30 years — but it has a few drawbacks as well.


The notes also describe what items each line of the invoice or estimate represents.


Terms and Conditions. Jim uses a modified version of ASMP’s recommended Terms & Conditions. He has added some language specific to the nature of aerial photography. Other changes are intended to make them a bit more user friendly and easier to understand with plain language.


Description / Rights Granted / Usage:
3 Days Architectural interior photography of HealthNow in Buffalo, NY.
License: Unlimited, non-exclusive use by Architects, PC in project sheets, proposals, in-house displays, portfolios, design awards, Powerpoint, public relations releases and internet home site. All photographs are Copyright 2007 James Cavanaugh and registered with the United States Copyright Office. All Rights Reserved. Third Party Use/Reproduction Not Permitted Without Written Authorization.
Format: Direct Digital. (Approximately 24 views for selection)
Note: No final prints or digital files are included on this estimate.
6 Hours Digital Post Production 125.00 750.00
3 Day(s) Interior Photography 675.00 2025.00
License Fee For Reproduction 1800.00 1800.00
6 Day(s) Photographic Assistant 200.00 1200.00
Archive Assignment Files 300.00 300.00
1 Write File to CD-ROM 30.00 30.00
Miscellaneous Supplies 500.00 500.00
Subtotal 6,605.00
Sales Tax
Total Estimate 6,605.00

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