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A must-have app for professional photographers working in all genres of the business. Photographers can customize a Model or Property release using the ASMP standard releases. The app allows you to create releases for adults and minors, save customized templates, attach a photograph of the subject and specify the use for the images (including any sensitive or digital manipulation issues). Models and witnesses can sign the release via touchscreen and a PDF can be emailed to the photographer, model, agent, property owner or client as needed. In addition to the ASMP forms, the app includes the industry-standard releases for stock photography produced by Getty Images, Inc., for photographers planning to license images through a stock photography distributor or portal. Also included is a special release for promotional use by the photographer. This free app is provided by ASMP, the trusted industry resource for photography business answers.

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Download the free Find A Photographer app to connect with members of ASMP, the premier association for the world’s most respected photographers. Search by location and specialty area to find a quality professional for your next photography assignment.


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