ASMP/Ogilvy Health Campaign Honoring Those Lost in the Pandemic Selected for Inclusion in Prestigious Ad Industry Publication Lürzer’s Archive

by | May 9, 2023 | COVID-19, Member Projects, News, Press Release

In early 2020, Covid began to ravage New York City. It remains one of the hardest hit areas in the United States. In total, Covid claimed the lives of over 45,000 New Yorkers, forever leaving its mark on the City. In honor of all those lost, and the many more forever impacted by those lost, ASMP and Ogilvy Health worked together to create a striking campaign featuring the photography of ASMP member Alec Vianu, Creative Director and Head of Design at Ogilvy Health. All of the images from Alec’s project can be found at

© 2022 Alec Vianu

The campaign, featuring stark and powerful imagery shot by Vianu during the height of the Pandemic at iconic New York City locations, has been selected for inclusion in the print edition of the prestigious ad industry publication Lürzer’s Archive.

“We are incredibly proud of this work, and the powerful statement it makes, and congratulate Alec and the team at Ogilvy Health for the recognition of this moving visual memorial to those lost in the Pandemic. It has been an honor to work closely with them on this important campaign,” said ASMP CEO James Edmund Datri.

© 2022 Alec Vianu

“As a New Yorker, an advertising professional, a photographer, and ASMP member, I am proud of the profound impact photography can have to tell a story like this, and move people’s hearts and minds,” said Vianu.