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By March 5, 2009August 30th, 2016Press Release

Eugene Mopsik, Executive Director
American Society of Media Photographers
Phone: 215 451 2767

Philadelphia, PA… Victor S. Perlman, General Counsel and Managing Director of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP), will be a panelist at the Columbia Law School Conference entitled The Google Books Settlement: What Will It Mean for the Long Term? Google, authors and publishers recently entered into a settlement agreement in The Authors Guild v Google Inc., a class action lawsuit brought against Google in connection with its unauthorized digitization and internet display of copyrighted books, and in the McGraw-Hill Companies lawsuit by publishers. The Conference, presented by Columbia’s Kernochan Center for Law, Media and the Arts on March 13, 2009, examines the potential long-term implications of the Google settlement for the parties; for photographers, illustrators and other stakeholders whose works are not included in the settlement; and for the public interest.

Perlman’s panel will focus on Authors and Incentives: What will the settlement mean for authors and their ability to earn a living from their works? What about authors whose works are not covered by the settlement? ASMP is a leader in advocating for professional photographers, and Perlman participates in and contributes to numerous legislative initiatives protecting the ownership rights of ASMP’s members. The settlement has potentially significant implications for copyright law.

Founded in 1944, ASMP is the premier trade association with more than 7,000 photographers who create images primarily for publication. ASMP promotes photographers’ interests, provides education in better business practices, produces business publications for photographers, and helps to connect purchasers with professional photographers. ASMP has 39 chapters across the country and its members include many of the world’s foremost photographers.


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