Suzanne Strong

About the Photographer

Paloma Strong

I suspend time through photography, filmmaking and directing. Through photography, I suspend time into a single moment in a frame to capture the beauty and unique qualities of my clients. Through my films, I create a suspension in time where you can daydream about the moments in life where everything is right. Where everything is possible. Where everything is wonderful. I shoot for fashion brands, musicians, commercial clients and publications creating gorgeous images, films, and videos that bring a little magic to the everyday. I shoot commercial, fashion, editorials, celebrity, musicians and beauty. I direct and shoot feature films, short narratives, music videos, experimental shorts, promos and fashion shorts. I am based in LA and am willing to travel. I art direct my photo & film shoots with a strong aesthetic for inspired artistic and creative direction. Clients include Target, Levi's, Rolling Stone, Old Navy, Honda, Saatchi & Saatchi, Sonos, Redbull, Forbes, UMG and more.