Steven Begleiter Photography

About the Photographer

Makhesh Begleiter

Steven Begleiter is an award winning commercial photographer, author and lecturer. His work has appeared on the Cover of Time, Esquire, Us and many other International Publications. He has worked on Ad campaigns for JWThompson ( AT&T); Emmeriling Advertising ( The Reader's Digest Campaign) and others. He has also photographed for Fortune 500 Companies and Annual Reports ( A&P Foods; PNC Bank etc...) He is the author of 6 photography books and has taught photography at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design; Rocky Mountain School of Photography; and currently at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. He is the recipient of the Cultural Art Grant of Philadelphia shows and is collected privately. His photo " Phewa Lake" was a finalist in the 2020 Communications Arts Photo Competition. In addition to taking on assignments, he also teaches photography part-time at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design (RMCAD)